How To Write Better Posts On Your Facebook Page

social media marketingEvery day, millions of posts are created on Facebook business pages. Generating unique stories that grabs the attention of your audience requires creativity, research and time. Here are a few tips that can help you produce an interesting FB post:

Write A Head Smacking Headline

Writing an interesting headline is the key to wanting your fans read your post. Consider this: You are managing the FB profile for a client who sells organic food. You are writing a post on the benefits of organic farming that makes use of natural microorganisms. This organisms help improve human immunity level. Writing a title like: ‘Can Dirtying Up Your Food Increase Your Immunity?’ will definitely bring in more comments and readers to your post. A good headline will kindle the interest and curiosity of your readers and catch their attention instantly and effectively.

Write A Teaser

A teaser is another great way to attract your readers. Teasers are proven to be one of the best advertisement campaign methods. By definition they are small, cryptic and challenging posts that give hints to a larger and full-blown post or advertisement.