Pillar Article is The Pillar of Your Blog: Great Blogging Tips

pillar articles, article writing tipsOne of the most effective methods of getting greater and faster traffic to your blog is a pillar article. Traditionally defined as a content or feature of a website designed to gather attention or compel others to link to the website, pillars are interesting enough to catch the eye of a blog reader. They are also known as:

  1. Killer Article
  2. Linkbait Article
  3. Cornerstone Content
  4. Flagship Content

If you are looking for the attention of your readers and higher degree of traffic, make it a practice that you release at least one such article a week.

What are Pillar Articles?

Normally such articles or posts are written in a tutorial style with the aim of giving your readers guidelines and tips on a specific topic. They are longer articles, generally longer than 500 words and offer insights to your audience and have great value. The more pillar articles your blog has, stronger your blog becomes.

What Are the Features of Pillar Articles?

They are constitutive of certain features:

  1. They are a particular type of blog post which is monumental and comprehensive
  2. Usually they are longer tutorial-style posts
  3. They provide detailed and elaborate information on how to accomplish something
  4. They have the goal of delivering a massive amount of value to potential visitors
  5. There should be a high ‘how to’ component to pillar articles
  6. A pillar article can take any form ranging from textual content to multimedia such as audio or visual

3 Types of Pillar Articles

You can device and employ the strategy of pillar articles in a number of ways of which there are 3 are extremely insightful.

  1. Information based – The key is to provide information that a reader may find very useful. Feed your readers with some rare tips and tricks. Your audience can also benefit from the personal experience you share with them

  2. News based – Give your readers some news and they will like it! Offer them updated and fresh news on the topic of your niche.

  3. Unique content based– Nothing gives you authenticity as uniqueness does. Remember, Google and other search engines have implemented Duplicate Contents Filters. Hence, uniqueness not only enhances your authenticity but helps you not to fall prey to downranking.

The 6 Structural Components Of Pillar Articles

A pillar article has got certain components that decides the structure of the article and gives it the power it has.  The 6 main structural components of pillar articles are

  1. Headline
  2. Set Out And Define The Problem
  3. Show Your Audience How To Solve The Problem – Preferably Step By Step
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. Resources, Checklists, Action Plans and Links
  6. Adding Graphics and Multimedia

We will be dealing with these components on our post titled ‘How To Write An Effective Pillar Article?’

What Are The Benefits?

Writing a pillar article might involve some pain, but that pain is not without some gains. Here are some:

  1. They increase your engagement with your audience
  2. When it comes to service or product blogs, a properly written pillar article has the power to convert readers to buyers
  3. They will make your  blogs the darling of search engines
  4. You will receive more backlinks or inbound links as people will start referring to your posts as an authentic information pool
  5. They will confer you the status of a subject expert
  6. Over a period of time, you gain trust from your audience as they start getting results from the tips and guidelines prescribed by you
  7. They help you grab higher rankings and better traffic

In a nutshell, a pillar article is the long suit of your blog.  They truly are the pillars upon which the ranking and traffic of your blog, be it personal or commercial, rest.

How to Write a Pillar Article?

After having seen the benefits, features and components of pillar article, the question still remains: how do we write one effectively and persuasively. Writing such an article requires some brainstorming and research. The classic method of research and write can be of some help here. To know how to write a pillar article, we have laid out a strategy for you. To know more about it, read our post ‘8 Steps to Write an Effective Pillar Article’


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