Product Descriptions that sell 

If you have an e-commerce site, we furnish you with a virtual salesperson who makes offers your customers can never deny. Our appealing product descriptions convince and persuade your visitors making sales happen. The product description writers at Coffeegraphy create sales-pulling product descriptions that let your customers make the buying decision instantly.

What Makes Our Product Description Writing Special?

product description writing servicesWe don’t write, we portray: We don’t rewrite the manufacturer’s description. We list out the specification of a product such as weight, height, or any other dimension. This helps your customers visualize the end product they are going to receive when they place an order button.

We don’t use jargon: Customers buy with their hearts. Our product descriptions make your products irresistible and emotionally appealing to your customers. Experience has taught us that a copy with no sales and technical jargon can do this trick.  We also maintain a tone of neutrality throughout the copy, leaving the final choice to the customer.

Communicate benefits, benefits and more benefits: We make sure that the product description tells your customers how your product outshines that of your competitors, meets their needs and enriches their lives. Our copy creates an experience for your customers, which connects them with the product.

SEO Product Description: There is no point in having an e-commerce site with a persuasive description if searchers can’t find them. To makes sure that you get maximum visibility for your online store, we offer you SEO compliant product descriptions. We carefully blend relevant keywords into your descriptions, making them more search engine friendly.

The Way We Do It

Before our website content writers even begin the work, they spend a significant amount of time trying to understand your products, business objectives, and competitors. We add the most relevant keywords into the product descriptions to make information about your products available to your customers when they search for it.

If you are looking for product descriptions that motivate and inspire your customers, contact us today.  We will be happy to offer you high-quality content writing services at an affordable rate.