5 Effective Qualities of Spellbinding Product Descriptions

product description writingSuppose you are at the supermarket and want to get a hand wash. You come across a whole shelf full of liquid hand wash from various reputed brands. Two of the attractively packaged products with competitive prices catch your attention. You look for further information on the body of the packaged product.

Brand One: The best available hand wash with effective germ reducing qualities. Prevents dryness of hands and is available in 4 different flavors. Packaged in new attractive pet bottle.

Brand Two: A fast-cleansing liquid with qualities for diminishing germs in less than 20 seconds. Contains effective Jojoba oils to protect your hands against dryness and to keep them soft and moisturized. Available in two lovely flavors of sandalwood and jasmine that leaves your hands fragrant for long hours. Safe for use even on the tender skin of small children. Packed in new user friendly unbreakable bottle with long nozzle to prevent accidental spills and wastage.

So, which one of the two products are you going to purchase? In all probability, the second one. Why? Because the description of the second item offers a lot of insight into what the product is about and how it can be effective for you.

Similarly, as a content writer wouldn’t you feel wonderful to write product descriptions in such a fascinating manner that customers cannot resist buying the product after reading your descriptions? So what does it take to write awesome product descriptions that catch the imagination of the reader and compel them to make the purchase? Creation and connection. Yes, create the trust in the reader that you are offering a very useful product that is beneficial for him or her. Then connect the reader to the qualities that makes the product a better choice over all the others in the market. Still confused? Read on to know about the qualities of writing irresistible product descriptions that help in achieving this objective.

Flare up the imagination with vibrant words 

Make sure that your language creates an attractive image of the product in the mind of the reader. Try to tap the right emotion so that the reader feels compelled to get the product. Use the appealing words for an emotional response. Do not just describe the product instead create the visual of the experience that the purchaser will enjoy. Through your words get the reader to feel how the product can change his/her life.

For instance, if you are describing a diaper, spark the imagination of the reader by describing how the comfort of the product can lull a baby to a comfortable sleep throughout the night and in the process offer the parents the much needed sound and energizing sleep-time. Make the readers visualize that by using this product not only the child but also the parents will be benefited.

Weave the specifics in an interesting manner

While incorporating the details about the specifics of the product, never take the easy way of listing them and finishing your job. Take the time to explain to the reader in an interesting manner how the product can offer an engaging experience with its rich ingredients or special qualities. Lead them on a journey to a world where the product takes centre stage. Make sure that you offer all the exciting facts about your product that can capture the reader’s interest.

For instance, if you have to describe Darjeeling tea take the reader to the mist laden environ of the hills on a foggy morning and describe the effect of a strong cup of tea made from the tender and long tea leaves of the brand you are describing. Spice up their imagination and lead them to think that they can experience the same feel every time they take a sip from their tea-cups sitting right inside their homes. Create a sensory experience where the reader is temporarily transformed to a different world and can imagine the aroma of the strong tea inside his/her mind. But ensure to highlight the point that only the product you are describing offers the long and tender tea leaves that can have such an impact on their lives.

Glorify the happiness factor through the benefits

It’s a known fact that everyone wants to be happy. Highlight the magical connection between your readers and the benefits offered by the product. Do not ignore any benefit that can be related to the features and can be presented as a factor for changing the reader’s life. Ensure that your words present the benefits in an enticing manner and compel the readers to fantasize about how they can feel by simply using the product. Connect the features and benefits and associate them to your readers’ happiness. Let them feel that a part of their happiness is related to the product and can be gained upon using that product.

For instance, if you are describing ladies handbag, be sure to highlight how the bag can convert a lady’s appearance into that of a smart and confident modern woman. Explain how it can be more satisfying for her to use this handbag from amongst all the other bags. Highlight the catchy design of the bag that not only holds her things securely but also makes her look good while carrying it. Introduce her to a new world of happiness through the use of the bag that can carry all her things wherever she goes and at the same time make her stand out stylishly in a crowd.

Develop a unique identity

Often people love using products or goods that make them feel aligned to certain special individuals or class of people or sometimes even a cause. It can be a fan mentality where a celebrity endorses a brand. It can be an exclusive motorbike that is used by the avid bikers on a particular bike show on TV. Do not let the opportunity to create an emotional connection slip from your hands. It is one of the easiest ways to create a strong identity for the product among the desired customers. In such cases the details do not matter much to the reader. What matters is how the product will make them feel. Focus on the features that relate to the special group or individual and highlight how these features can make the customer feel special. Describe the product in terms of the customer.

For instance, if you are describing about a backpack painted with the colors of a famous football team, appeal the reader on the virtue of team spirit. Illustrate how the backpack stands for all the qualities associated with the team, like being strong and organized. Associate such qualities with the backpack as being durable and having compartmentalized space for carrying specific objects. Let the readers feel that you are offering them a product that has a unique identity of its own.

Deliver the knockout with flattery

Flattery is the ultimate quality that can hit the target bang on spot. Subtle flattery done in a refined manner can go a long way to create the connection with the readers. The feel-good factor is easily achieved by flattery. Let your words make your reader feel special first and then bring up the topic of how the product can make them more special through its various benefits and features. Tell them how the product can enhance their shining personality while at the same time being useful for them.

For instance, if you are describing about a pressure cooker, make the reader feel like a great chef whose work can be reduced by using the newly designed pressure cooker with enhanced features. Make sure that you point out how the time saved can be used for enhancing his/her culinary skills further. Point out how the product can convert him/her into the celebrated chef at home or at personal gatherings.

Maintain a restrain

While writing product descriptions it is equally important to know what not to write along with knowing what to write and how to write. Readers are not fools. They want information about a product. Just provide them the correct information in an alluring manner. Maintain control while describing the features of the product and do not get carried away. For instance, if a product is not safe for children, do mention the fact in your descriptions. It will not decrease your chances of creating a customer. It will only help to build your credibility as a reliable writer and the readers will be able to trust you for your honesty and integrity.


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