Product Catalogue Writing: Not a Service

but a Necessity

When it comes to product catalogues, using run of the mill stock content is a common phenomenon among businesses, of course excluding the intelligent ones. Some even go to the length of ditto pasting details from similar product pages of competitors. We know that running a business involves a number of other tasks than writing exclusive product catalogues. However, we hope you understand that neglecting product catalogue writing will save neither your money nor time. Exquisitely written product catalogues not just bridge information gap between buyers and sellers but also acts as the back bone of your online sales strategies.

Leave Product Catalogue Writing to the Professionals

With a massive throng of products at their fingertips, online shoppers tend to devote just a few seconds to each product page. Attractively written product catalogue can play major role in lengthening the prospective customer’s contact with your products, turning their inquisitiveness into enthusiastic buying decisions. At Coffeegraphy we are well-acquainted with the power of quality product catalogue writing in enhancing product’s value and efficacy in the eyes of customers. That’s exactly why; our team of professional writers develops customized and engaging product catalogues, enabling buyers to discern your products in a crowd.

Still Questioning if Catalogue Writing is Necessary for Your Business?

  • Well-written product catalogues prevent customers from back pressing away from your products at the absence of proper information and crucial details.
  • Professional product catalogue writing differentiates the features and specialties of each listed item, manifesting variety of the range and urging more purchases.
  • In a congested online marketplace where retailers are all jostling to outdo each other, product catalogue writing distinguishes your brand from the crowd, facilitating brand recognition.
  • Eloquently phrased product catalogues act as a communicative tool between your business and the target audience, bettering customer relationships and spurring favorable buying decisions.

Why Coffeegraphy is Your Ideal Partner in Product Catalogue Writing?

  1. We Analyze Your Target Audience: Before penning down product catalogues we evaluate your target audience and analyze what they will be looking for in the description part of each listed products. For example, Product catalogues of women’s dresses will contain details of material, embellishments, texture, neck style, hemline etc.
  2. We Highlight the Positives: While browsing online merchandise, shoppers try to find products that fulfill their specific sets of needs. We make sure to highlight the positive features of your products, offering solutions to prospective buyers rather than mundane sales pitch. For examples, if it is a shoe we will let buyers know that the sole is comfortable for long-wear, if it is a bra we tell how for the bigger sizes like 36DDD or 38DD there are three rows of clasps at the back and underneath support.
  3. Lucid and Easy to Read Language: We use simple, jargon-free yet attractive language that is easy to read and understand.
  4. Fully customized Content: We customize product catalogue writing according to your brand’s requirements, adhering to provided style-guide standards.
  5. Accurate and Detailed Descriptions: No details are left out.
  6. Unique Merit of Each Product Manifested: We take special care in narrating the specialties of each product within a catalogue, bringing out their individual and unique merits.
  7. Disambiguation of Features: Many products, especially tech products like Smart TVs, Smart Phones and Laptops, have features that laymen are not well-acquainted with. We disambiguate such features in an easily comprehensible and simplified manner, ensuring that customers never miss what makes your products special.

If you too want your product catalogue to stand out with customized, tailored and crisp writing, contact us today.