Mastering the Subtle Art of Product Descriptions for Beauty Products

Many beauty brands treat product description as a dry piece of information. This is a big mistake if you really want to see your sales figures spike! We live in a world where buyers and brands mainly interact through e-Commerce platforms. That’s why product descriptions for beauty products play a key role in selling the goods.

Product descriptions for beauty products

They speak directly to your target audience. E-commerce writing has to be informative, yes. But, it also has to double as a problem-solving tool. It should answer “What” as well as “Why”. Only then the buyers will understand why your product is what they need.

What Product Descriptions for Beauty Products Should Never Be?

Buyers have hundreds of beauty products at their fingertips. Naturally, they have to skim through a flood of information. Can you blame them for having a very short attention span? No. As you can guess, vague and generic product descriptions for beauty products won’t do. Also, steer clear of e-Commerce content which is too long yet offer minimum real info. It is even more dangerous to leave the place for description blank.

What a Product Copy should be?

In case you haven’t noticed yet a new trend has emerged in the beauty market. Buyers are frequently consulting beauty blogs for information. Now, I don’t have a thing against beauty blogs. But, they are personal reviews offered by users. Your target audience should not have to look beyond the e-Commerce description in search of details. Let beauty blogs reinstate what you tell your customers first hand. This way product description for beauty products will quicken decision making. They will also act as call-to-action triggers. Bringing simple changes in e-Commerce copywriting will do the trick. Go through the tips in following to learn how.

Product descriptions for beauty products

Copy for Lipsticks Have to be Accurate

The first thing anyone notices about a lipstick is its colour. Thus, the product description must include precise terms for describing it. Saying that the lipstick is ‘Red’ or ‘Pink’ is not at all enough. Be more accurate by pointing out that the red has a blue undertone and the pink has a reddish tint. Adding descriptive words like bold, bright and pale will give shoppers a better idea about the hue.

In addition, tell buyers which lipstick is most suitable for which skin tone. A peach or baby pink will look great if worn by fair ladies who have pinkish skin tone. Wheatish belles should try warm-toned lip colours like oranges and plums. Don’t forget to mention what is the appropriate time for wearing a particular lipstick. For example, a burnt rose hue can be worn for evening parties. The nude shades are apt for business lunches and meetings. Put few words on whether the lipstick is matte or creamy.  Mention how it keeps the lips from getting chapped. Saying how the texture of the lipstick feels on wearer’s lips is necessary as well.

E-Commerce Description for Eye-Makeup Have to be Detailed

Most buyers are novices when it comes to purchasing eye-makeup. If a product fails to meet expectation they will blame your brand. It can also be that they turn to your competitors. A good e-Commerce writer can prevent this. You have to make sure they include necessary details. Brown eyeliner will not be discernable if worn by ladies of olive skin colour. White eye-pencils should be used to open up small eyes. Those with larger eyes better rim it with rich blacks, charcoals and even greys. Turquoise eye-shadows and liners are not suitable for dusky skin tones. However, jewel tones like emerald can lend their peepers a dazzling appearance. Not just simply name shades in eye-shadow palettes, trios and quartets.

Suggest what occasions they are best for and offer ideas on creating different looks. Does anyone really go swimming with eye-makeup on? Instead of repeating the term ‘waterproof’, try sweat-proof and tear-proof too. Not to forget, give them the particularities of the mascara wand as well. For example, you may say that it prevents eye-lashes from sticking together. Nudge and guide your buyers towards the right products so they become your ardent fans.

Product descriptions for beauty products

Product Copy for Foundations has to be Helpful

Gone are the days of dabbing the face with pressed powder. The fashion conscious crowd wants selfie-perfect makeup. Help them choose the right merchandise by providing lucid product descriptions for foundations. Sadly most online foundation descriptions lack important information. Almost none tells buyers which one is suited for their skin colour. Generally, honey toned foundations are meant for duskier beauties. Beige foundations suit fairer skin tones. It is necessary to buy a lighter shade of concealer to hide dark spots and dark circles. Inform the buyers about concealer choosing technique through the description itself. Since blush-on is the only hint of colour on the face, choosing the right one is difficult. Share the wisdom of being subtle while selecting one. A shade that resembles ones natural flush the best will be ideal. All this can be expressed with intelligent penmanship without compromising brevity.

Description for Skincare Goods Have to be Meaningful

Consider a scenario where you are the buyer looking for a night cream. You have not an iota of idea what to expect in the same. You browse through innumerable products but cannot be certain if they are any good. Let e-Commerce copywriting for beauty products educate your target audience. Do not simply name the ingredients. Specify if an ingredient offers anti-oxidants to keep skin younger. Add whether it successfully tightens pores. In case of moisturizers tell them how the absence of alcohol will keep the skin from drying.

Brands are launching newer products like facial oils. If you too are offering one then spread awareness regarding their usage. For example, facial oil is perfect for making face packs more effective. Serums are good options for hydrating and repairing matured skin. Loaded with nourishing ingredients, it has to be followed with a moisturizer. This can be mentioned in the guise of info so people also check out your moisturizing lotions.

Let the Expert E-Commerce Copywriters Do the Job

Tips on products descriptions for skincare and makeup items can help you. But is that enough? Not really. Every product needs to be dealt with uniquely. Only experienced product description writer for beauty products can do that. Don’t stress over the finesse necessary for bang on product descriptions. We at Coffeegraphy can handle it with ease on your behalf. Step up your sales game with superior product descriptions that can pitch with perfection

Sayari Das is a writer at Coffeegraphy


Sayari Das is a writer at Coffeegraphy

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