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8 Blog Writing Tips for Daily Bloggers

These blog writers, they just have to open a word file and reach a keyboard to churn out stories, so you might have thought. How much more wrong can you be? The writer’s block bites and how it bites! You might have written excellent blog posts earlier, creating a model for yourself and you are just mightily stuck! Every writer goes through this phase. But no good blog writer has ever given up on his writing, not because this phase gets over, but you make that phase get over.

Think about Dostoyevsky, the great, prolific and probably one of the best novelists modern times witnessed. The man never really stopped writing; his inspiration being his dwindling bank balance and his addiction to gambling. The man even culled out a novel titled ‘The Gambler’ probably because he wanted the money to gamble more. So there, you have masters exploring crazy ways to boost their productivity. If Fyodor can do it to write classic novels, us lesser mortals can do it to create excellent online content and make it look as if it is not re-cycled!