Freelance Web Content Writing: 8 Tips to Avoid Distractions while Writing

It is very natural to be distracted while writing, especially so when you are a freelance web content writer.  Writing would have been an easy task if we had no internet. The internet is tempting and we need it for a lot of things such as research for the article we are writing, but it is also one of the biggest distractions. In fact when you write and you have…

Is Your Web Content Satisfying Enough for the Readers?

Have you ever gone to a fine restaurant, ordered a sumptuous dinner for yourself and waited anxiously for your order to arrive, only to find that the spread finally served was far from what you had expected? If you have endured such an experience, you would know how it feels to expect one thing and have something else served. The same thing happens with web content too. If your website content does not deliver useful information, the readers are left with the same feeling of dissatisfaction. Just as you would never visit that restaurant again, the readers will also avoid visiting your website. So, what is the solution that prevents such a thing from happening with your content writing? Read on to find out what can make your content a satisfying experience for the readers.

5 Web Content Writing Tips for The Newbies

Are you a newbie to web content writing? Here are a few useful content writing tips that will help you take a plunge. Web Content Writing Tip 1-Learn to Unlearn Well, back in college you might have written a few poems and stories for the college magazine. Your teachers and mates might have applauded you and even said that writing is the job for you. If you have jumped into…

Website Content and Business – the Intricate Web

With the steep rise in the number of content writing companies and freelance content writers, you have to wonder, “Is content really important?” Do the terminologies that companies throw at you (think SEO, SMO, etc.) make you wonder what language they are conversing in? Then you might be the uninitiated few who still believe that developing website content is relatively simple and does not warrant spending money on the companies that offer to create or service your website. Read on to find out just why so many websites rely so heavily on content development.

To Write in the Time of Writing

By Nisha Mathew
Had I been in the nineteenth century what I am today–a woman, well read and with a passion for writing—I would have written a novel like Jane Austen did, quipped my copywriter friend Jennifer as we walked out of the community store one summer evening. In the twenty-first century there are men and women who can write and write pretty well, thanks to modern day schooling, but who will not, for fear of joining the ranks of thousands like them whose contribution to the world of letters go unnoticed.

3 Ways to Make Yourself An Irresistible Web Content Writing Company

You tried your best to get that web content writing project.

And by writing a good sample you did it too.

However, once the project is over the client never came back to you.

Have you gone through this scenario?

Are you looking for a way to get repeat business?

Here are a few proven strategies.

So how do you set about getting repeat business for your company? Complicated question? Well, the answer is excruciatingly simple, ‘quality’. The answer to that question can be contained and elucidated in three simple steps. Ready to change your perception of web content writing? Here goes.

Content Writing Tips: Why Your Online Content Fails?

By Ambika Indira

As a content writer, you are desperate to create content that grabs the attention of your reader. You have given your best efforts and churned the best copy, the best copy you have ever written. Yet, when it comes to traffic your content is a failure. If you have gone through this experience, go ahead reading the rest.

Why Your Online Content Really Fails?

Our experience says your content fails because it fails to connect with your reader emotionally.

Emotions! What kind of emotions are we talking about? How to bring in emotions to business content?

Well, we are talking about invoking any of the following three emotions of your reader:

How To Write Website Content That Bites The Penguin Back?

With the Google Penguin update, Google has set new parameters to monitor and rank websites. Many websites that are focusing on creating links without giving much attention to their content have trembled before the wrathful Penguin. Here a few web content writing tips that will help your websites survive the  24th April, 2012 Google Penguin update. Write Original Content: You have heard this before. And you must be wondering is…