Break the Jinx with Our Emailer Copy Writing Services.

Imagine that you have given someone a box containing a valuable item – an item so valuable that it will transform the recipient’s life forever.

What are the chances of him or her opening the box to check what is inside?

Almost 100%, you might say. But wait, then why is no one opening, let alone responding to, your emailers containing such an item?

Emailers, if not crafted properly, are the most jinxed form of online marketing and the specters of Hamlet haunt them forever. Needless to say, the grand question your audience ask themselves on receiving an emailer is: to open or not to open?

Break the Jinx with Our Emailer Copy Writing 

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According to Radicati Group, an Email marketing and social networking researcher, the total number of emails sent per day, across the world, amounts to around 205 billion. Do your math, and you will know that an email is being sent every 0.00000035 seconds.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of marketing emails find their way to the inbox of your audience every day. It is stupid to assume that an average recipient is all too enthusiastic to open such mails and read through its contents. Then, the question is, how to break this jinx?

We have good news and bad news for you.

The bad news is, given the spate of spam mails and marketing mails sent and received every day, your emailer is more likely to remain unopened and unread (or worse, mercilessly sent to trash) than opened and read.

The good news is, you stand a chance to turn the table with the help of delicious and clickable content crafted to perfection. We call it “clickalicious” content!

How do we write emailers that bring sales?

Email marketing has come a long way in the past couple of years. Brands make use of countless fancy functionality to make their campaigns clickable.  However, a well written plain text can be as or more ‘clickalicious’ as any design or functionality-driven emailer. Are you looking for a content writing company in India that can deliver ‘clickalicious’ mailer copies? Bingo. You have reached the right place. Our team specializing in marketing services, also known as Market Mocha, is well-versed in the art and science of writing great email marketing copy. Here is how we deliver you the best mailer copy.

email copywriting services India

Clear and appealing subject line:  In both romance and emailers, first impression does matter. No one opens an emailer if the subject line is not compelling or intelligible enough to kindle curiosity.

By making the subject line actionable, personal as well as intriguing, content brewers at Coffeegraphy ensure that your emailer is too smart to resist.

Talk about the benefits: Once the emailer is opened, the recipients are only interested to know the benefit they are going to reap. Writers at Coffeegraphy will pitch your unique selling points in such a way that your customers will only and unmistakably see the benefits they stand to gain when choosing your services or products.

Short and to-the-point: Email copywriters at Coffeegraphy know that shoving a lengthy story into a mailer can send it to gallows.  In order to make your email campaign efforts successful, you only need short, sweet and scanable copy with substance.  We write mailer copies that the recipients can easily and effortlessly sift through.

Calls-to-action: Calls-to-action are not just about having some fancy buttons. Without a clear, catchy and concise calls-to-action copy, a fancy button placed at where the eyeballs fall is wasted beyond redemption. A bright and colorful button must be adorned with action oriented, impressive and smart one-liners. Trust us, when it comes to copyrighting, smart is our middle name.


Remember, not all email clients will render images not every recipient will opt to display images either. Hence, it is imperative that your emailer copy has content that kick some action.

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