Content writing is the magical word that brought three dreamers together to start a company based in Bangalore, India.

A few years back, living in three different cities, we dreamt of becoming a part of the world of business. We chased our passion after casting aside our post-graduation gowns and caps; the first one who aspired to be a poet explored the worlds of technical writing and marketing communications in Bangalore based MNCs.

The second one among us started a career as an Ad Copywriter and later specialized in SEO Web Content Writing. The third of us pursued the world of academics and research for a while only to realize that there is no life without writing.

In a metro called Bangalore we met. We had two things in common: an incessant flair for writing and a frothing love for coffee.

How We Started

It all began in Cafe Coffee Days and Baristas. We shared our dreams with each other till our coffees went cold. We spent envisioning a future that encompasses all facets of content writing; hours and hours were spent in discussions. On the 12th of November 2011, over three steaming cups of Espresso, Coffeegraphy was born!

The Journey So Far

Of course, like any other start-up, we too had a bit of beginner’s luck; and a few initial challenges too. As time passed, the luck waned and new challenges came our way, but we kept ourselves steady and equipped, taking every challenge head on.

By the time we celebrated our first anniversary, we had started offering e-learning as one of the key content writing services; we saw ourselves taking a confident plunge into design services in the second year. Our list of services kept expanding over the last three years; new services were added, new horizons were explored and we grew as a team.

Where We Stand Today

Today, Coffeegraphy, a leading content writing company in India, offers more than 20 content writing services and cater to a wide variety of industries including e-learning, e-commerce, information portals, real estate, information technology, travel and tourism, and fashion and lifestyle to mention a few.

We never get complacent. Instead, we stay alert, keep ourselves updated, and shape our services to meet the changing requirements of digital and online industries. We, in other words, are not just content writers, but market-watchers too. To know more about our team and services, watch this video

Our Promise

To meet your content writing needs, our plant is in bloom all seasons. Along with finely brewed content we commit to:

  • Listen to You: We understand your needs, respect your time and believe in the wonders words can perform to your business.
  • A fine serve of a variety of services: We energize technical writing, web content, ad copy, blog posts, articles, brochures, newsletters, case studies and more.
  • Originality: Fresh content that passes any test of Copyscape, the cyber watchdog for content plagiarism, is our guarantee.
  • Creativity and Consistency: We live up to quality in the morning, in the noon time and when the stars shine bright.
  • SEO compliant Web Content: Content that never misses the sharp eyes of search engines and scanning eyes of surfers is what you get. A perfect fusion of keyword density and logical flow sets our services apart.
  • Competency, Ethics and Confidentiality: We practice these every passing moment of our profession.
  • Up-to the-minute services: No, we don’t use outdated techniques, ideas or information. We know for a fact that the online world is in a flux. So we do our research and keep ourselves updated on everything we need to.

Get in touch with us and let us discuss your content writing requirements over a steaming cup of coffee!