content writers BangaloreAmbika Indira

Ambika Indira, more popularly known as Kiddo, is a lover of cats and food. Her creativity is indirectly proportional to the length of her hair- a reason why you can see her with short hair in almost all seasons. Kiddo is addicted to gadgets and believes she needs 12 hours of sleep to unleash her potential.



Meera Moorkoth

Meera and her pet share the same name: Mimo. She buys coffee powder only to run out of it and her greatest wish is to wear coffee as her perfume. Mimo secretly believes her FB posts will be published posthumously as a collection that would become a bestseller.



content writers BangaloreMonmi Mozinder Baruah

Fondly called Bunny, as she keeps munching carrots while she works. Monmi has worn many hats throughout her career. Apart from her writing and editing skills, she has a knack for sketching and painting. For us, she is a supermom and an avid reader, a lover of poetry, food and flower.



content writers India, content writers BangaloreAmrita Roy

A poet, a writer, a painter and a photographer, she loves reading the most. An optimist always, she is as happy in a crowd as in solitude. She claims she can survive without a phone, a TV or a laptop for ages provided she gets her favorite books and a cup of coffee for company. She has that unique ability to work even for 60 hrs at a stretch!


TeenaTeena Antony

Trained as a researcher and an ex-teacher, she has moved to content writing to satisfy her love of words, writing, and English. She believes that online writing allows her to express herself in a way that teaching and research do not. It also allows her to juggle home, family and work without a lot of stress while leaving room for fun and giving her time to be herself and most important of all, pursue her love of reading for pleasure.


content writers BangaloreDeepti Nair

Deepti is a pseudo-scientist who ditched the lab to pursue her love for language. In between writing assignments, she dabbles between learning foreign languages, figuring out the dish on her next culinary experiment, or adding things to her overflowing bucket list! She loves reading, traveling, mountains, a good laugh, and good food, and wishes globetrotting was her full-time job.

content writers BangaloreShruti Verma

DIY-er, Storyteller, Nomad, Mother of 2 four-legged children; Shruti is happiest when found in a bookstore. When she isn’t writing, she designs furniture and experiments in her kitchen. She dreams of publishing a book someday and traveling the world.



content writers BangaloreSayari Das

An ardent reader and a more ardent book hoarder, Sayari loves to write on a wide array of different topics. She enjoys watching movies and reading in bed sipping hot cuppas for hours. She has a keen knack for social work, blogging, creative writing and lives for her loved ones.



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