How to become an Effective Ecommerce Product Description Writer?

The instinctive but mechanical description of a product that most ecommerce product description writers indulge in is a journey into nowhere. For the mechanical is either comic— as in animation scenes where the villain runs hundreds of metres in a few seconds, or it is just not human.

What a product description copywriter needs to do is to fall in love with the product they want to sell.

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As someone remarked, only an auctioneer can be most enthusiastic about all the items up for bidding, and only the seller of religious icons can be the most secular. Well, you need to catch the enthusiasm.  Here we offer a few easy in which you can fire up your zeal. One lamp will light another, and the whole world shines to sounds of mouse clicks as people order things.

6 Commandments to be followed a Product Description Writer

  1. The customer is always right, as they say. You can have the customer always right— right behind you if you can understand them and their needs. Present the product in a way they feel the need for. You need to get into their shoes and see the world from their perspective. What are their tastes? How keen are they to keep up with the Joneses? What aesthetics animate them? And how can your product give them a bang for their buck? So, get to know thy customer.

  2. Study the product you are pushing. What are its merits and unique features? Highlight them and sing their praises with conviction. The quality of the product is what brings in the customers and keeps them with us. If there are any ordinary features, how can the unique ones compensate the raise the product above the mass of the competition? Anticipate the negatives and address them quietly without disadvantage to the product.

  3. What is the purpose of the product? Decide for yourself its role in the user’s life. Is it a necessity? A comfort? A luxury? How intense is the need to buy it? Now turn around to look at the competition and see what is on offer. How is our product a cut above the rest? What gives us the edge?

  4. Consider the life of the product. How does it provide value for money by stretching its service? Is it for personal use, such as massage oil, or is to be displayed in public such as a portrait or a sofa? The intimacy of the oil and the impression that the sofa needs to make are the substance of your writing. Make it a sensuous experience by dwelling on their textures, colours, feel, and the like.

  5. How many times have we heard the expression too little, too late? Time is money and a lot more. It is what occasions that make a product needed, and this is a key to selling something. Convince the buyer that time is a crucial factor. We need to form associations between time, and the products that we offer.

  6. Having done these, we need to show the efficiency of the product by elaborating its primary use. Are there anyspin offs? How smoothly does the product work in the way it is expected to? These have to be highlighted and imprinted in the mind of the customer. But there is no need to be too technical. Think from the layman’s perspective, and stick to the basics.

Help the Customer Make the Great Leap of Faith

Between the product and the buying is the connecting, facilitating link of your product description writing. Reflect the pride that the product creates in its makers, the loving care they put in, and the ling experience that lifts it above the ordinary. Let the customer feel that their hard earned money is going to bring them an equally well-crafted product. And that this product is made with the customer in mind, exclusively and all the time.

Let them be convinced that brand loyalty is what the sellers are looking for, rather than a single purchase.  For the sellers are willing to cultivate and wait for the loyalty to develop. Show your potential buyer what value the product offers for the money, and then goes beyond that. The offer may be bolstered by clever packaging and appropriate campaigns.

Ace Your Game as the E-commerce Product Description Writer

Your choice of style in addressing your customer is of central importance. Be formal if you have to be, but avoid being stiff and frigid. If you are informal, do not fall into the casual and intrusive. Avoid overkill in such things as exaggerations, overenthusiasm, and the like which will put off sensitive minds. Imaginatively make your product vivid and unforgettable.

Highlight those aspects that are likely to sit in the minds of your potential buyers. Consider, for example, the dark red that Coke is associated with. It is unforgettable and welcomed anywhere. There should be an attempt to brand a product as much as possible. A clever use of text and visuals will etch the product in the minds of the readers forever. Here, time, place, personal associations and the like can be quite handy. Exploit their advantages.

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Convincing Goes a Long Way

The value of money is normally relative. We have to convince the buyer that the product is worth as much as they are being charged. This differs from person to person, but will also go along age, status, class, and social compulsions. By pitching our sales at these factors, we can convince buyers to make the transit from hesitancy to readiness. For, we must remember that money has multiple pulls in our lives, and there are always competing needs.

Indeed, human needs are limitless, and resources to satisfy them are comparatively limited, not to say tiny. But by bringing our product into the priorities, the e-commerce content writer can help the buyer to choose and make a commitment.

In sum, the approach of a product description writer to the customer should be holistic—it should appeal to the heart, mind, and senses. By means of suggestions, direct appeals, urging and cajoling, they need to be led to our product.  And once they buy it, they ought to come back for more and thus develop a brand loyalty that is unshakable and immune to temptations from rival companies.

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Monmi Baruah
Monmi Baruah is one of the co-founders and the Executive Director of Coffeegraphy

Monmi Baruah

Monmi Baruah is one of the co-founders and the Executive Director of Coffeegraphy

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