Freelance Web Content Writing: 8 Tips to Avoid Distractions while Writing

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It is very natural to be distracted while writing, especially so when you are a freelance web content writer.  Writing would have been an easy task if we had no internet. The internet is tempting and we need it for a lot of things such as research for the article we are writing, but it is also one of the biggest distractions. In fact when you write and you have a deadline to meet, we end up getting more distracted. Social networking sites, phones, hunger pangs etc are some common problems we face while writing. A good piece of writing requires focus. You cannot expect to finish an article while watching your favorite TV show or some chick flick!

Here are a few solutions to this problem.

1. Do your research before you start writing web content

It is important to finish your research before you start writing as you’ll have solid information and you will be ready with everything you need before you start. That would make you more confident about the content you will be writing. If you do your research while writing, there is a strong chance that you would go out of track and end up on face book or twitter! I’m sure many of us have experienced that. We have all had different tabs open while ‘researching’ that is not even remotely related to our work. If you really need to look up something then do so once you finish writing. So finish your research, gather everything you need and then start working for a better start. Content writing is not mood based and is fact based, so proper research is necessary. You cannot take that part lightly.

2.  Keep the internet away while writing web content

It is extremely tempting and we all love the internet. But updating your profile picture or sharing funny pictures and videos online is not one of our priorities while writing. Researching for the content is one of the few excuses you would give for ending up on your favorite website. But like I said earlier, do your research beforehand and start writing the old fashioned way. Earlier, there were only type-writers and books that helped people write. Now we have lots and lots of sources to rely upon that makes life difficult. So how about switching the internet off and start working without any distractions?

3. Say NO to TV

Missed out on your favorite episode of Greys Anatomy? Or did you just realize that your favorite movie is on TV tonight? None of these excuses should work. You can watch the re runs later or download the movie online LATER. All this should not come in between you and your work. Procrastination is a problem we all face most of the time. So switch that TV off and get going.

4. Switch your phone off

Switch your phone off while working. And if that is not possible then let your friends know that you are working and that you do not want to be disturbed. That WhatsApp message or checking the new App you downloaded sometime back is not that important. It might seem important at the time since you are dying to waste time. But be strong and learn to stick to your work instead of fooling around and checking on non important things. It is not mean or rude to tell your friends that you do not want to be disturbed. They would understand.

5. Finish your daily chores

Finish all your pending work, your daily chores and whatever it is that would stop you later on while writing. So all those grocery runs, doing the dishes etc. should be done before you start writing. Eat well, take a nice long shower and keep yourself ready to write. This way you will not be worrying about finishing your chores on time and it will not be at the back of your head while writing and will help you stay focused. Stay prepared and be fresh. You should be in a good mental state to write and concentrate.

6. Go someplace calm

If you feel that you might end up switching on your TV or log into your favorite social networking website, then go some place calmer and quieter and do not stay at home. If there is some café you love going to or a lonely and calm place you like then go there and write. Leave your internet dongle or phone back home so that nothing can stop you from finishing your work. Take your research and the other things you would require along with you so that you can go on writing without any hindrances.

7. Do take short breaks in between

We all do love writing on a stretch without stopping in between as it keeps us focused. But do not pressure yourself. Take breaks in between. Short fifteen minute breaks are always good. So make that cup of tea or coffee and get back to work again. Short breaks tend to last long and we love stretching it as much as possible, but if you are focused and you have to meet a deadline then take a short break, move around for a bit or take a walk and release all the stress and get back into writing. Meditation can be a great way to release all the stress and tension.  It is hard to just write for hours without being interrupted, so drink some water or whatever it is that you like and start again.

8.Go on writing

Once all the above things are sorted, make sure you do not stop and continue writing without stopping. Pretty sure it is much more satisfying to finish your work and meet your deadlines on time. So finish your work and make it your priority. Everything else can wait.

Also, if you finish your work on time, your boss or superior would tend to trust you more if you are not some slacker and it creates a positive impression. You can catch up with your friends, family or daily chores once you are done with work on time without having to worry about all the pending work.

Have a positive outlook, and you will be able to finish your work on time. Writing website content is different from writing poetry or a short story. You cannot lose focus from the subject or from your work. Do your research well and finish your work on time. So stay focused and calm. Hope these tips help you keep all the distractions away while writing website content.


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