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How to Beat Writing Roadblock Blue

After a hiatus of more than a year, I am back to blog writing and I am having cold feet. I stared a blank screen for some time, wrote a few words, deleted them, wrote again just to delete and caught myself in a monotonous cycle of writing and deleting. In between, I checked my mails, made some phone calls and by mere accident heard the clock ticking. Dang! This…

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Ubuntu Content Writing

The title of this article can be extremely confusing. Ubuntu? The name definitely sounds familiar. The nerd brigade goes brouhaha about that Linux free software.h But wat has it got to do with the humble job of a content writer? A little bit of etymology might break the connection to you. Ubuntu is the African word that encourages people to share “humanity to others”. It is indeed the one word…

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Top 5 Web Content Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Quality content makes your reader and customer come back to your content. It is the critical component that decides your page ranking among search engines. There are five crucial points that have to be taken care of and avoided if you are a web content writer: Grammar and spelling mistakes: Reesa jumped up the plane. Ouch! One important point we have reiterated time and again is the importance of checking…

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How Content Writing is Similar to Cooking

There is something special about the culinary arts. Either you can make an excellent food or you can make a bad food. You will never see a foodie saying ,“Oh! that food a tolerable”. No, there is no such thing as tolerable food in the world. It is either good or bad. Content writing is somewhat similar. You have either good content or bad content, and nobody will tolerate bad content.

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9 Ways to Write Articles and Blogs that Sell

Are you looking for ways to create blog, articles, newsletters etc., that sell and promote your client’s products and services? Here are a few tips that will help you write content that sells. 1.Enjoy writing the articles Have fun with your words and use them as an advantage to make your product seem attractive to people. So make your prospective customers and readers interested and get them excited about your…

Content Writing Tips- A Peek Into The Mind Of An Online Reader

Oh you are writing for the web, easy peasy. We have heard this a million times. As if writing web content is cakewalk. It is no cake walk when you get to know how the readers read online. Online readers (including us) are mean. They do not care if you took your precious hours thinking about the right word. If the content doesn’t get to their heart in a matter of seconds, they honestly don’t care about what you have profoundly created as web content.

Web Content Writing Tips: Musings From A Work From Home Mom

Prabha Zacharias is  one of the senior content writers of our web content writing squad.  She shares her experience as a stay-at- home writer. Things were moving in a routine until a pee stick turned positive. I was overjoyed. I was the kind of a person who had always wanted to have kids. I was the kind of a person who had thought about baby names even before I decided…

Freelance Web Content Writing: 8 Tips to Avoid Distractions while Writing

It is very natural to be distracted while writing, especially so when you are a freelance web content writer.  Writing would have been an easy task if we had no internet. The internet is tempting and we need it for a lot of things such as research for the article we are writing, but it is also one of the biggest distractions. In fact when you write and you have…

3 Ways to Make Yourself An Irresistible Web Content Writing Company

You tried your best to get that web content writing project.

And by writing a good sample you did it too.

However, once the project is over the client never came back to you.

Have you gone through this scenario?

Are you looking for a way to get repeat business?

Here are a few proven strategies.

So how do you set about getting repeat business for your company? Complicated question? Well, the answer is excruciatingly simple, ‘quality’. The answer to that question can be contained and elucidated in three simple steps. Ready to change your perception of web content writing? Here goes.

Top 4 Website Content Writing Tips

The world of content writing is fast changing and immensely competitive. It’s a challenge these days to spot pathbreaking ways of coming up with effective content that will earn you brownie points and give you a competitive edge over fellow players in the industry. Once you discover you have a flair for writing , you have to make sure that you express it in such a way that you get…