9 Ways to Write Articles and Blogs that Sell

Are you looking for ways to create article writing tips, website content writingblog, articles, newsletters etc., that sell and promote your client’s products and services? Here are a few tips that will help you write content that sells.

1.Enjoy writing the articles

Have fun with your words and use them as an advantage to make your product seem attractive to people. So make your prospective customers and readers interested and get them excited about your content. This would help them spread the word and make sure that your content sells. Get imaginative, use humor without offending anyone, or even use a pun. Passion is something that could be easily detected by reading the content itself.

2.Know your audience

What kinds of people visit your website? Why do they do so? Make sure you know the answers to these questions. Kind of people here refers to the age group, gender, race, different states of mind etc. knowing your audience is very important because you will have to keep in mind what they want to read. What they are attracted to. So such considerations should be made before you write content for your site or blog. At the end of the day, you need to attract more traffic to be listed amongst the best and be recognized.

3.Be different

Your web content and the product or service you are offering should stand out from the rest of the competition. Being different would make you more appealing to your audience. So make sure the product or service you offer is one of the best you are offering and that would make your content’s appeal seem even more attractive. This would prove that you are better than your competition.

4.Keep it simple

Focus on what you really want your audience wants to read. People usually surf through websites and do not have the patience to read the entire article. If you write something that seems all complicated, then nobody would even stop to read the entire thing no matter how interesting your ideas are. So keep the content simple and sorted. Focus on what are the benefits the customer would have if they buy your product or service rather than giving out a history and a detailed description.

5.Make it look pretty

Add visuals and make the page look more attractive by adding images, visuals and colorful texts that would catch your eye. This way, the readers who usually ‘filter read’ through your article would get an idea about it with the help of visuals. Add a video content, maybe instructing users how to use that product or service or giving them tips. This is usually called a Vlog. This is an extremely fresh way to attract customers so do use relevant pictures, videos, texts etc. that would make your post look great. This does not mean you post things that are completely irrelevant, that would just make things worse for you and make your content seem senseless and less important.

6.Read up and research

Read up on the best selling content and advertisements online. Try and get ideas on how you should start and end the article. This would give you an idea on how to use catchphrases, keywords etc. Try and use it as an inspiration to write content for your own site, but make sure you do not plagiarize instead. That is not encouraged. Everybody likes original and creative content and not something that has been copied off the internet or elsewhere. There are Intellectual Property Laws enforced that could be used against you in case you infringe them, so do be careful.


Organization is important for your site. So keep articles sorted and organized according to their respective categories. This would make your prospective customers and audience easier to find content according to their preference. It makes browsing easier as well. Better organization is important to keep your website sorted and updated. As you write more, update your content as per the category.

8.Link it

Provide links to your customers to make your site user friendly. When you write about a certain product or service, make sure you provide links to their explanation, in another site or to your previous post. Post a link to sign up for your site or a ‘contact me’ link that would help people get in touch with you for your products or in case they have questions or complaints. Some sites also provide links to ‘frequently asked questions’ so that users who have questions that are similar in nature do not have to waste time in mailing a question and can get their answers on the spot instead. You should also post links to where people could buy your service or product, which would make sales easier for you. This would increase sales for your product as they are provided with a direct link to buying your product.


Use catchphrases that would attract customers towards you. Almost every product in the world has a famous caption or catchphrase. Like Nokia has ‘connecting people’ this famous line made sure people would understand and simply the meaning of a mobile phone into something that connects people.

Loreal is a brand that promises great skin, beauty and finishing with the help of its cosmetic products but many women bought it because of the catchphrase, ‘because, you are worth it’. This catchphrase made sense to many women who thought buying one of the best products is their best bet as they are ‘worth’ it. So it is important to have famous catchy catchphrases that would make your content sell.

These are some of the ways you could use to make your content seem attractive to readers and make life convenient for them so that they are provided with enough information and proof as to why they made the right choice.


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