Our Content Writing Process

Ask any coffee lover “Why Coffee” and the answer invariably would be “It revitalizes me”. If you ask us “Why Coffeegraphy?” our answer is “It will revitalize your business”. Be it web content writing, e-commerce product description, technical content writing, case study content writing, brochure copywriting or marketing collateral copywriting, we prepare fresh content that energize and stimulate your business.

How we brew it: At Coffeegraphy we use a number of techniques that impart to your copy the freshness and flavor.  Like a coffee bean, the project you entrust us goes through the following processing techniques before it becomes a fine serve:

Picking the flavor: Our writers conduct a brainstorming session with you to comprehend your requirements. Depending on the nature of your project we pick the right keywords that bring you good ranking.

Cleaning and sorting information: Once we have the right keywords in hand, we go to the next level of content writing: topic research. We dig out information and sort them out based on relevance. Coffeegraphy’s research wing not only looks for relevant information, but also analyzes what your competitors have said and done.

Roasting the Information: Notes from the brainstorming sessions are revisited to pull out the unique selling features of your product/service. Then we formulate a content writing strategy that will set your copy a cut above. At the end of this process, we will have everything ready for the next step.

Brewing SEO Content: The researched data, information and your USPs are dealt carefully by the experienced hands of our writers.  We process the information and come up with a write up accommodating keywords and your USPs. Our SEO writers ensure that all primary and secondary keywords are maintained with right density.

Polishing and Topping the copy: In this stage, our editors take over the copy to check the logical flow. The copy will be sent for your review. Your suggestions will be incorporated.

Hot, steaming and on to the table: Now you have a highly revitalizing content that is ready to go public.

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