The technical content writing service, Techspresso, at Coffeegraphy is formulated on the old practice of 5Ws and 1H. The Techspresso team is a perfect example of technical writing specialists who understand technology and the audience like no other.

The technical writing team brews technical documents with the right flavor and constituents which encourages the audience to read the product as well as to use its various features. The team believes that the sole main of documentation is to get products sold. To make it possible, the team emphasizes in creating documents which are interesting and, most importantly, easy to understand.

Taste of Techspresso

Coffegraphy pampers your taste buds with the following taste of Techspresso:

User Guides and User Manual: The Techspresso team creates User Guides and User Manuals depending on the expertise of the target audience. The team relies on audience analysis questionnaires to determine the audience profile, which leads to user-friendly and interesting documents.

Designing Process Documents: A good design can rejuvenate you in the same way a cup of espresso does; and we believe that a design process has to be communicated well to get a good design. Techspresso team outlines the concept and intention of a product design and the iterations that follow till the product is in the development stage.

Tutorials: The writers of the technical writing department are adept in giving you step by step instructions on how to do something. Our writers follow the principle of teaching by examples and interactive problem solving sessions.

E-Learning Materials: Learning has never been so easier! Techspresso team, with its several years of expertise, makes learning interesting and interactive. We serve you presentation-based Learning Guides. These are created using tools like PowerPoint.

Art of Techspresso

Our Techspressoservice talks in the right pitch by presenting documents which are clear, concise, detailed, and formatted in a manner that is simple to follow and understand.

We count on our interviewing and listening skills to know how to ask questions. We approach the subject matter experts to capture the necessary information. We also appreciate visual representation; be it a flowchart, image or a diagram; for great illustration. For us, tables rock. Hence, we summarize fields or related processes and procedures in a table.

Moreover, we believe in explaining an idea with an example from our day-to-day life as it helps the reader to grasp the idea with the practical use of the product or system.

We also quote & note our sources. Before we serve our finely blended Techspresso on your table, we go through a Filter Copy test.

Feel free to contact us when you need a double-shot Techspresso from our service menu.