Our team brews captivating content for your corporate website.

A business with NO WEBSITE is losing out on more than 80 % of sales and A WEBSITE WITH UNATTRACTIVE CONTENT certainly obstructs the growth of an organization. Given the importance a corporate website and good content have in your business, you do not have any choice but build a website and fill it with quality, relevant and sales-pulling content. The website content writing services offered by Coffeegraphy, also known by the name The Web Latte, help you with both design and content.

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Why choose our web content writing services

corporate website content writingThe corporate website content writing team at Coffeegraphy knows that the content on your website can make or break the deal for you. It either attracts visitors and converts them into loyal customers or sends even a casual browser away from your site and business, forever. Whatever your business domain is, our website copywriters possess the in-depth experience and research skills to deliver you concise and captivating content that helps:

  • Build consumer trust
  • Create a successful brand identity online
  • Generate traffic

Achieve customer trust, traffic, and a successful brand identity

website content writing servicesConducting proper research: Research is the backbone of all our content writing services. Once you provide us a project brief, we will spend sufficient time researching your industry and business. We firmly believe that only a good researcher can be a good content writer and an informative content is the key to building a successful brand identity online.

Saying no to pretentious website content: One of the cardinal sins in content writing industry is pretentious content. We have taken a vow to stay away from that deadly sin, at all times, at any cost. Many a time writers use meaningless buzzwords just because an industry is web content abuzz with such words. We, on the other hand, use buzzwords if and only if their use is deemed absolutely necessary. To elucidate this point further, we use word such as “thought leader” “synergy”, “leverage”, etc. only if they convey meaning (the right meaning) in the given context. The web content writers at Coffeegraphy know that you are not trying to win an award for putting up the most pretentious website but to win over the hearts of your sensible customers who like things the no-nonsense way.

Not stuffing keywords: We keep ourselves abreast with the changing world of SEO. Our writers know the secret of protecting your site from the wrath of Google’s algorithm updates. The secret is nothing but writing quality content that is not stuffed with keywords. When we write for your website, we do not let keywords stand between the content and your readers.

website content writing servicesHighlight your benefits:  We do not pen the features of your business, services or products. Instead, we will tell your customers the benefits they gain when they choose your services or products.

What do you get when you choose our corporate website content writing services?

We deliver you finely brewed website content that is:

  • Well researched
  • Finely written and SEO optimized
  • Properly proof-read and edited
  • Reader and SEO friendly

Corporate web content writing services: details we require from you

If you choose us to write your corporate website content, we will require you to send us a detailed brief containing the following:

  • Information about the number of pages you require us to write
  • Link to existing website/s, if you have any
  • Approximate word count required in each page
  • Reference sites, if there are any
  • Link to or soft copy of any literature available on your company

Once you provide us the required information, leave the rest to us and relax. Our content writing squad won’t rest until they brew the right content for your corporate e website.

Are you ready to captivate your target audience with kick-ass website content? Today is the day to contact us.