Editing and proofreading are two different steps in content writing. These two steps require utmost care and patience in the same way a cup of filter coffee is brewed. Hence, our editing and proofreading service is called Filter Copy. We take the maximum care to filter out your copy to make it comprehensible and errorless.

Our Editing & Proofreading Process

First, we take a print of your document and read it out several times. We delete unnecessary words and phrases and restructure the sentences into short and clear ones.

We use the “track changes” or “mark changes” function to make our comments apparent to other editors at Coffeegraphy. We also set the additions and deletions in different colors.

We read it out several more times and check whether the copy has the right flavor of keywords density.

Then we focus on the spelling of words. We read it backwards to ward off spelling mistakes. We give the copy to another editor for further scrutiny.  As a part of copy editing and proofreading, we take turns reading it out loud to each other. While one of us reads, the other one follows along to identify any grammatical errors, incomprehensible phrases, other inconsistencies and to detect the flow of information.

Our Copy Meter

Our Filter Copy must abide by our Copy Meter. Our copy meter serves several editing and proofreading purposes:

  • Keeping it simple
  • Eliminating redundant words
  • Avoiding passive voice
  • Using short not long sentences
  • Using real verbs
  • Avoiding abbreviations and initials, unless essential
  • Keeping commas, dashes, hyphens and brackets to a minimum

Our Degree Copy

Once our filter copy passes the copy meter test, we certify it as the Degree Copy. Our degree copy has the strongest flavor and the necessary strength. Before we serve it on the table of our customer, the degree copy of filter copy should fulfill the following:

  • It must be accurate
  • It must be readable
  • It must be concise
  • It must accord with the standard style
  • It must respect the writer
  • It must be legal
  • It must be ethical
  • and above all: be comprehensive

If you are looking for succinct editing and proofreading service, filter copy is what you want. Please feel free to contact us to know how we can assist you with our editing and proofreading services.