How Content Writing is Similar to Cooking

content writing tipsThere is something special about the culinary arts. Either you can make an excellent food or you can make a bad food.

You will never see a foodie saying ,“Oh! that food is tolerable”. No, there is no such thing as tolerable food in the world. It is either good or bad.

Content writing is somewhat similar. You have either good content or bad content, and nobody will tolerate bad content.

Homemade is Better

When you are too hungry, you can always opt for a take out from any joint that will mass-produce unhealthy junk food.

However, it will never be equal to a homemade meal lovingly prepared considering only you in mind. You will not have fond memories about yet another visit to the nearest fast food corner. Nevertheless, you will always cherish the memories of a special homemade dinner.

In a similar way, readers will go back to the place where content was created with care and affection. You do not want mass produced run on the mill verbosity.

The Pricing is Accurate

In preparing a sumptuous meal, you might have to get the freshest ingredients. And to get fresh ingredients of the best quality, you might have to pay more. Can you ever charge the same for a prawns biriyani and a vegetable biriyani? It is as simple as that when to transfer the idea to content. If you want great web content, you might have to dish out some more money.

Satisfaction is Important

Have you ever found yourself unsatisfied to see the air caught in a bag of chips? When you buy a bag of chips, you would expect it to be a bag full of chips. Not 5 chips and lots of air. You would have anticipated a lot more when you picked up that puffed up pack of chips. It is the same as in the case of an article that did not rise up to the mark. You would want the words to live up to your expectations.

Packaging Adds the Desirability

Ever wondered why food companies pay too much attention to packaging? Because it matters how the packaging looks. The packaging pays a big role in building up the anxiety of the consumer. You cannot really wait to grab the package, it is as desirable. When you present the content right, you are actually motivating your readers to want more.

On that happy note, the content writers should open their laptops and start cooking excellent delicacies. Let it rain good content all over the web.


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