Top 5 Web Content Writing Mistakes to Avoid

content writing tipsQuality content makes your reader and customer come back to your content. It is the critical component that decides your page ranking among search engines. There are five crucial points that have to be taken care of and avoided if you are a web content writer:

  1. Grammar and spelling mistakes: Reesa jumped up the plane. Ouch! One important point we have reiterated time and again is the importance of checking for grammar and spelling mistakes in any kind of writing. Take special care of your ‘that’ and ‘which’, it’s and its, i.e. and e.g., and you’re and your. Make sure you give a free ‘rein’ to your thoughts and writing, and not a free ‘reign’.
  2. Plagiarizing: George jumped off the plane. Is not that what Reesa also did? With the advent of the World Wide Web, plagiarizing has become so much easier and is not even considered so by many writers. Copying contents from other sites will bring down your rating with search engines. Noticed how search engines sometimes say, “We have omitted some entries very similar to the … already displayed”? Latest search engines are equipped to detect web content that are similar and resemble each other word for word.
  3. Using artsy or pompous language and clichés: Neena has made herself the follower of the ascetic Dervish through a series of complicated maneuvering involving the higher acolytes. Huh! A business site is not looking to sell or showcase their site to literature and language lovers. That is what blogs and Twitter are for. When writing for a business website use simple language that the reader can understand and keep to the point. But, do not make it too informal. For e.g. Minu’s broken her cup is alright in colloquial usage, but when writing for a business site, it would sound better if you write, Minu has broken her cup. In addition, do not be redundant, use clichés or too many expletives.
  4. Duplicate data: Paul has become a follower of the Dervish sect after some backstage maneuvering. So, both Paul and Neena are Dervish! Most websites start out fresh and interesting. But along the way, sustaining the initial enthusiasm and drive becomes harder and harder. Editors fail to renew the content or take off old content for various reasons. When you start a new project, ask yourself, whether you have the time, effort and back up to keep at it, for as long as it takes to make the website/project a success and then some. Your content should not sound like a re-hashing of old themes with neither life nor energy.
  5. Ease of access: Bingo! That was easy. The article on Apu is right here. And finally, make sure that your content is easy to access. You may have the best written content, but it comes to naught if the reader, customer or client cannot access it. You need to have a user friendly interface and a visually appealing website to keep the traffic coming. But, do not go overboard with the headers, colors, boldface, images and capitalization. You want the overall effect to accentuate the content and not the make the site itself into a work of abstract art (unless you are an artist reaching out to her client through her site).

These tips are not so very difficult to follow. And they are important to keep your content above reproach and fresh.


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