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Writing Exercises that will Help You Court Your Readers

There are days when words flow like a beautiful painting on an easel. And then there are those days when all you can think of is that mind-numbing deadline around the corner. Regardless of whether you feel like a painter or a handyman, the fact is that you have to keep your reader interested in what you have to say. I know that the title for this article reminds you…

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4 Bad Habits That Affect Your Content Writing

It is a myth that only highly intelligent people can create exceptionally creative content. Anyone can write and anyone can write creative copies, if they abstain from a few bad habits. The following are the 4 bad habits every content writer should stay away from in order to develop a successful writing career: 1)   Conceptualizing And Evaluating If you conceptualize, write and evaluate at the same time, you are killing…

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Four Types Of Content Writers We Hate the Most

As a content writer turned copywriter turned entrepreneur, I have come across content writers who fall into various categories. Since I am associated with the day-to-day operations of a content writing company based in Bangalore, I get to review quite a few  writing samples or web content from diverse job aspirants. Of the fifty or so applications that we have received in our inbox in the last two months, my…

What on Earth is A Web Content Writer?

By Ambika Indira

Three strangers coming from various writing industries met at a party and they were trying to strike a conversation. Let’s eavesdrop:

A: “I am a copywriter. ”

B: “ Oh! You must be a creative genius. ”

B: “ I am a technical writer. ”

A: “ Wow! You must be earning in thousands!”

C: “ I am a web content writer. ”

A & B: “ What on earth is that?”

The Ultimate Web Content Writer – You

Great title? Check Bullets? Check Precise? Check Links? Check Language? Check Photos? Uh-oh Humor? Huh? Perplexed? These are just some of the things you would need to pay attention to – to become the ultimate web content writer. So what is the first and foremost thing you need to focus on? A great title! A predictable and clichéd title? You content is not going to grab the attention of the…

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Content Writing Resolutions for 2014

Resolution! How many of us approach resolutions without thinking of failure in the back of the mind? While we ask each other about resolutions for the New Year, most of us already expect failure. Despite all the negativity and the failed expectations, achieving your goals in 2014 is not at all a Herculean task. Here’s a simple guide to focusing on and achieving your resolution for writing. Setting realistic content…

Web Content Writing: How to Create the Emotional Connection

So you have joined the bandwagon of content writers to write wonderful stuff for the web. You have gone through several articles that taught you the tips and tricks of what to write and how to write. You diligently followed advice on keyword stuffing and grammatical mistakes. You sincerely write and proof read your articles. Your language is right and your information is correct. But even after putting all the…

15 Web Content Writing Cliché that are Actually Helpful ­­

Writers often try very hard to do away with clichés of all sorts. Clichés are overused. They are boring. Yet there are certain times when you realize that a cliché is the most effective thing that will come in like a lifesaver when you are writing content for the web. This list is going to be very helpful; you might want to trust us blindly when we say so. Take a print out of this list and paste it near your workstation. Use it generously. Whenever you are stuck, take long looks into your wall where this is pasted.

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Top 5 Web Content Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Quality content makes your reader and customer come back to your content. It is the critical component that decides your page ranking among search engines. There are five crucial points that have to be taken care of and avoided if you are a web content writer: Grammar and spelling mistakes: Reesa jumped up the plane. Ouch! One important point we have reiterated time and again is the importance of checking…

Hitting the Bull’s Eye with Persuasive Content Writing

By Coffeegraphy

As a web content writer, what do you think is the point of putting a bunch of words in virtual space? The content is usually aimed at creating a perception of positivity around an object or notion. In other words, the point of creating web content is to sell it, to make it seem attractive to the target audience. While innumerable principles and maps can be drawn out to create content, selling it is one of the most important notion. So how then do you create this positivity or attraction without seeming dictatorial or desperate? Read on to find out how to hone your content into the sharpest persuasive arrow that will hit the target audience every single time.