4 Bad Habits That Affect Your Content Writing

content writer, web contentIt is a myth that only highly intelligent people can create exceptionally creative content. Anyone can write and anyone can write creative copies, if they abstain from a few bad habits. The following are the 4 bad habits every content writer should stay away from in order to develop a successful writing career:

1)   Conceptualizing And Evaluating

If you conceptualize, write and evaluate at the same time, you are killing the content. Let the idea bloom and flourish. Spend some time nourishing it before you judge it. Write content, take a coffee break and then come back and evaluate. You can also let an editor do the evaluation so that the content benefits from both subjective and objective evaluation.

2)   Following The Experts’ Blindfold

Ignorance is dangerous. More dangerous than ignorance is borrowed wisdom. Wisdom borrowed from someone else won’t bring you any good. It is wise to listen to experts, but it is unwise to follow them blindfold when it comes to content writing. Listen to your hunches, draw strength from your insights and your content will shine.

3)   Over Information

Do not cram your head with too much information. It’s been said that information is to the brain what food is to the body. Just like overeating, over information and overthinking can spoil the fun. Gather information that is necessary, process them well and write a short and sweet content. Always remember the golden rule of information: Not too less or not too much; only as much as is necessary.

4)   Fear Of Committing Mistakes

The path of life is not neat and tidy. You won’t be able to understand and solve all the problems that come your way. Come out of the self-imposed limitations, get out of your comfort zone and stop worrying over committing mistakes. Venture into the uncertainties, take more chances and we are sure you will succeed more often that you thought you would.

Breaking the barriers and taking chances are the best ways to bring out the creativity within. It adds enjoyable flavors to your content writing skills.

Ambika Indira
Ambika Indira is one of the co-founders and the Managing Director of Coffeegraphy. She specializes in online content and SEO. She is a rigorous observer of the trends and changes happening in online content industry.

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