Web Content Writing-10 Tips to Turn Marketing Drivel into Successful Sales Copy

content writing tipsEvery website you go to is full of marketing drivel. Everybody promises similar things in very similar language. Do you think the customer is an idiot to buy the marketing drivel pasted all over the website? Even if you maintain honesty and integrity in your business, if you are able to reflect that on your website, nobody would want to trust you.

However, marketing drivel is something you cannot avoid altogether. You need to follow certain writing patterns to get the information you want to convey to the customer. However, there are ways in which you can take the very same drivel you are so tempted to write and convert them into amazing copy text that will gain you business. Here are our tips to write that captivating copy.

  1. Reduce bullshitting: The customer sees right through your verbal bullshit. When you put every line down, put on the customer hat and think what that line means to her. If the sentence doesn’t relate or make sense to the customer, chop it off your text. You do not need it. Write honestly. Write truthfully. That will sound meaningful and true. Instead of bluffing about how your products are world class, consider telling the customer how many clients you already have. While a catchphrase like ‘word class’ is worn out beyond recognition, your client list is a powerful push to your product or service.

  2. Cut out the exaggeration : If you are tempted to use the word hundreds or millions, stay back and think what it does to the credibility of your copy. Now everyone and their neighbor would want to write about the hundreds or millions of users of subscribers they have. But what does the reader see? The reader will immediately feel that you are bluffing. In certain cases, you might not even be bluffing. You might really have a few hundreds of customers. The perfect way is to flaunt your number. If you have 543 customers, write that real number down. That sounds much more credible and reliable than hundreds.

  3. Command, not plead : Of course it is nice to sound polite and demure. But when it comes to selling stuff, you shouldn’t really be overly polite and let others step on you and move forward. Creative copy that actually sells should sound a little more aggressive, more like a command which asks people to do certain things. If you politely ask someone to add their email address to join the subscription or mailing list, they might have gone two miles afar. You should be asking them to add their email ids now.

  4. Give people a reason to listen to you: Every copy writer’s dream is to make people follow what they say. It is not easy, but it is not impossible. You just have to give people a reason why they should follow your opinions and value your suggestions. How are you going to transform their lives? Are you going to make then healthier, happier or richer? Are you going sort out any complications from their lives?

  5. Offer a better reason : No reader would want to be fooled by a fake offer. If you can offer a better reason for the reader to buy your words, you will have the loyalty of them forever. People are constantly looking out to save money, make more money and stay more happy. If your product or service is genuinely going to add to this quest, put it down in words. If you are talking about getting more customers, write it down that your method will get them more customers. After all, it is exactly what they are looking for.

  6. Delete flowery testimonials : The minute a reader goes through a flowery testimonial on a website, the reader knows that it isn’t for real. Only a marketing expert will get all the key words together in one simple humble testimonial. If it is written by a real person, it would sound real. Try to add life to testimonials. Use normal everyday conversational language other than sugar coated flowery mush.

  7. Deal with tough situations : Business is no cakewalk. You have to work your way towards success. Nothing is a given. You take your time to deal with every difficult situation and you tackle them as you go. There is no way you can taste success without addressing the not so nice stuff as well. If the customer disagrees with you, talk, negotiate and convince. There will be objections at every step of the way. You will only go forward if you deal with them. Walking away will only take you to the wrong direction.

  8. Do not indulge in yourself too much: It is tempting to go on and on about how good and efficient a company is. If you want to flaunt your worth, do it in a creative way so that it doesn’t sound like self indulgence. If you are a web designer with a lot of experience, try not to brag about your experience tastelessly. Try and show your experience in your efficiency. Flaunt your portfolio if need be. Never write a self indulgent biography.

  9. Do not use exclamation marks : Nothing you say is exclamatory. Exclamation mark was invented for a reason. It is not meant to replace the full stop in a sales copy. That is all we have to say about it. Stop over using it.

  10. Do not over indulge in the superlative : There is the quickest, fastest, prettiest, most efficient, most brilliant advertisements. Nobody considers them as truthful. Put down that superlative you are so itching to write in your sales copy. Be assured that your chances of making an honest connection with your customer are going down the drain with the superlative.


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