9 Dangers To Look Out For While Hiring A Web Content Writing Company

By Coffeegraphy

Content Writing IndiaIn times such as these, to get business it is important to increase your website’s search engine status. Managing the business itself is a handful, and that is why hiring a web content writing service is the right thing to do to keep the business track moving. But it will not do if you hire any firm to lands in your way with out of this world promises which are difficult to believe. You would need someone who can actually deliver what you want at the right time while maintaining high quality content. There are these 9 dangers you might fall prey to while you are on the lookout for a right content writing company.

1. The number boaster

If you think the firm you are considering constantly boasts about the insane number of articles they can deliver in a very short 24 hour day, do run in the opposite direction. This is not the place for you. They in all possibilities are planning to take money from you and give you mass amount of plagiarized content lifted shamelessly from other websites. You do not want to be get caught red handed and get banned from the search altogether. Consider a web content writing firm who agrees to take up a workload that is humanly possible.

2. The cheap offer

It must be tempting to do the cost math when your firm promises to deliver articles are a very cheap rate. But the key word to good content is quality and quality doesn’t come for cheap. Consider the price you pay for the good quality web content as a marketing investment which will increase your business eventually. After all, nobody would trust a firm with cheap quality content spilled all over their website.

3.  The keyword maniac

There might be people who will promise you to cram every possible keyword into the copy so that your firm will pop up in every search whatsoever. Having clear keywords are definitely important, but not to the level where you are adding irrelevant keywords leaving you with content which doesn’t make any sense. The idea is to have original and interesting copy which will match your customer’s searches.

4. The confidential files

If the company tells you in base toned voice that they have a lot of experience in the industry, but their client list is strictly confidential, instantly know that they are bluffing. Any good copywriting firm will be more than happy to display their popular clients and give you a sample of their best crafted work.

5. Flash master

“The text doesn’t matter, what today’s world sees is Flash. Let me make you an all flash website.” Thus goes the flash master’s gyan. But never fall prey to this trap. Flash does look good if used creatively. But there is no technology yet which enables search engines to read flash. It might all look well, flashy, but what is the use if your website does not get featured in a web search?  Make sure you go for a web content writing company who gives ample importance to both the written text and the flash appearance.

6.  Title machine

“The titles are our specialty; we will give the most attention grabbing titles for your content.” This must be the catchphrase of the content writing firm, but however catchy the title might sound, if it doesn’t represent your content effectively, it is of no us to you. Instead of attracting readers, you might drive them away from your site.

7.  No social network

If the web content writing service only offers to produce content and refuses to do blogging, twittering, facebooking and other forms of social networking for you, then you are at loss because good companies do not separate social networking form content developing. It is all part of the package really. Opt for someone who can manage to produce good content and aid you in reaching out through optimum utilization of the social media.

8. The know all tricks company

If the content writing service you have approached assures you to know all the tricks to bring customers to the website, stay away from them. There are literally no tricks whatsoever to get business. It is simple and clear, good content with best use of the keywords will only generate great business. Do not be fooled by the web content writing firms who promise to know “tricks”.

9. No talk guys

If the firm confidently tells you that they know exactly what you have in mind, trust me, they don’t know. Any good web content writing firm would want you to talk about your requirements as elaborately as possible so that they will get a clear picture regarding your needs. A good content writing company will never underestimate the need to talk. Only opt for a firm who is happy to discuss before committing to a deal.



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