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The Article Marketing Murder Mystery

Back when I was working as a web content writer in an SEO firm, article marketing was considered as the best way to bring relevant traffic to a website. Unsurprisingly, business owners all over the world outsourced their articles to content writing companies who churned out articles in large numbers and published them left right and center. I still remember mindlessly writing six or eight articles a day like a…

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7 Tips to Write Interesting Articles for Boring Industries [Infographic]

Well, most of you might think the premise of this article is wrong. I can hear most of you muttering in disagreement: “You might not find an industry interesting, but someone else might.” I agree with you. It indeed is difficult to define “boredom” with any degree of certainty. There is nothing called a boring industry, and hence there are no boring article topics. A company that runs a battery…

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How To Create Bullet Points That Hit the Bull’s Eye Every Single Time?

As a web content writer, you probably have listened to one too many lectures about how bullet points are very effective tools of communication. Boring, right? Well how about we tell you how to create effective bullet points without any blood, sweat and tears? Here’s how to craft bullet points that will shoot right off the page. How do bullet points work? The bullet point is a powerful tool in…

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5 Foolpoof Ways to Seize Your Reader’s Interest Instantly

Imagine that you have written a compelling piece of content. You have done extensive research and have come up with original ideas to share with your readers. With high hopes you publish your content online. But to your dismay, you find that your content writing is not attracting the readers towards it. You are left wondering what went wrong in the whole process. Web content writing demands that your content…

Re-discovering Writing through Web Content Writing

By Coffeegraphy

What put you on the path of content writing? For many of us, good school grades in the English Language spoke eloquently of a reigning love for the language. Consequently, the niche in which this love would flow ceaselessly seemed to be content writing. Oh, to be young and naive again. The mode of writing, albeit in the same language, is completely different in the web content writing domain. The style, purpose and intent all undergo a metamorphosis to be viable as content to be posted in virtual space. The following is a bunch of tips that you can use to make writing web content a whole lot easier.

How To Write In-depth Articles that Rank in Google

By Coffeegraphy

What is it that we usually do when we don’t know something? Or are confused about certain facts? We Google it. Google has become the equivalent of being a know it all. Earlier when we used to search for certain things on Google, the search results used to be keyword intensity based and not based on the quality of content each website presented. This was a problem for those who were searching for quality content and also for those who write good articles. This is why Google came up with the concept of in-depth articles. It basically refers to content that is not produced just to attract online traffic and customers but good quality content that is 2000 to 5000 words long.

9 Dangers To Look Out For While Hiring A Web Content Writing Company

By Coffeegraphy

Times such as these, to get business it is important to increase your website’s search engine status. Managing the business itself is a handful, and that is why hiring a web content writing service is the right thing to do to keep the business track moving. But it will not do if you hire any firm to lands in your way with out of this world promises which are difficult to believe. You would need someone who can actually deliver what you want at the right time while maintaining high quality content. There are these 9 dangers you might fall prey to while you are on the lookout for a right content writing company.

To Write in the Time of Writing

By Nisha Mathew
Had I been in the nineteenth century what I am today–a woman, well read and with a passion for writing—I would have written a novel like Jane Austen did, quipped my copywriter friend Jennifer as we walked out of the community store one summer evening. In the twenty-first century there are men and women who can write and write pretty well, thanks to modern day schooling, but who will not, for fear of joining the ranks of thousands like them whose contribution to the world of letters go unnoticed.

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How To Write Engaging Articles for the Boring Industry

They say everything under the sun has a formula for success, a secret recipe to create magic. Does writing also have a formula? Could there be a recipe to turn the bland, boring vegetables of topics into appetizing, scrumptious deserts that everybody wants a piece of. Read on to find out more about the secret recipe for writing articles for the most boring topic. It’s All About The Packaging Often…