What is Content Writing?

web content writing tipsPeople have been talking about content writing for years. Strange, but true they have not been talking about the meat of the matter. People are actually talking about content minus the writing part.

Content writing is creating, publishing and governing of useful and usable content. Hence the content writer should be an expert in all aspects of communication to do this effectively. Now let us examine the many “aspects of communication”.

  • Web content writing: It can be defined as the creation of useful and usable content for the World Wide Web. The web content writer must have a flair understanding of writing for the web and the basic understanding of how search engines work. In addition to this, the web content writer should be able to manage an ever-changing content inventory. Blog writing, article writing and marketing, product description for e-commerce site come under web content writing.
  • Metadata creation: Metadata can be called data about data. Metadata creation involves the process of identifying the type and structure of metadata for web content writing.
  • SEO copywriting: It is the editing and organizing content on a page or across a website to increase its potential relevance to specific search engine keywords. This also requires metadata creation.
  • Content management: Content management can be defined as the managing, capturing, storing, delivering and preserving an organization’s content in any medium such as print, e-library or in cloud-based storage.
  • Content channel distribution: Content channel distribution is the knowledge of how and where content will be made available to end users. The channel can be blogs, social media, e-mail marketing etc.
  • Editing and proofreading: Editing and proofreading  involve following the guidelines by which all writing is compliant in terms of language, grammar, values, tone, and factual accuracy.
  • Ad copywriting: It is another aspect of communication where the values of a brand, product or service is creatively brought into spotlight by the creation of effective, headlines, taglines, slogans and web banners.
  • Technical writing: It involves the creation of documents to be consumed in the technical field and industries like engineering, finance, computer hardware and software, chemistry, aeronautics, medicine, consumer electronics, etc. This type of writing revolves around products and services, process and technologies. Documents like user manuals, design process documents, installation guides, white papers etc. fall under this category.
  • E-Learning materials development: Developing materials by using PowerPoint presentation, videos and audios to make the learning process interesting and interactive is termed as E-Learning materials development.
  • Marketing collateral writing: It is that communication which helps to market products and services or a business. Writing brochure, case studies, newsletters, flyers etc. come under marketing collateral writing
  • Press release writing: It deals with announcing a product or service or business to newspapers, magazines, television channels and radio station. Generally they are mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to the media network.
  • E-mailer copywriting: It is defined as the process of marketing services and products and to reach the target audience via emails. It is also called email campaign copywriting.

Content writing should also support meaningful and interactive experiences. If the words are dull and wrong, nobody will not read them and people will be misled. The content writer should write content to be consumed. The content should provide the right themes and messages directly rather than beating around the bush. It should bridge the gap between the reader and the business requirement.

Content writing is the writer’s problem, not somebody else’s problem. The writer should understand that it deserves time and attention. The target audience deserves the writer’s time and attention too. Hence the content writer should peek into the minds of the audience and write for them.

It’s time to make content writing matter.


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