Why Your Small Business Needs A Blog?

blog writing tips, blog, blogging, blog writing services, blogging services, website Who would you need a blog for when you have a website? You are already running a business and you have a website, then why exactly do you need a blog on top of all this? Is it because all your competitors have one? Well no, that is not the only reason. A blog for your business is like icing on the cake. There are plenty of reasons as to why you should have a blog for your business. There are tones of added advantages if you have a blog along with your site or business. Blogging is one of the best uses of the internet today. People use it to get rid of stress and write away, to promote them or their business, to make sure the world knows about their ideas. The blogosphere is a very popular world nowadays. If you have a business, then there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t be blogging. Here are some reasons as to why you need to blog to run a small business.

Great way to connect with customers

Blogging is a great and down to earth way to get in touch with your customers. It has a more personal approach than Twitter, Facebook or Call centers do. It keeps your customers or prospective customers informed about your business activities and latest products or services you are offering along with tips on how they can avail such services etc. you can provide a detailed picture about your business with the help of blogging. This is a wonderful way to keep in touch with them and get a detailed feedback as well. You can personalize your blog and make it customer friendly as well.

Get found on search engines

The more pages you have on your website, the more useful it is for you to create traffic on your site. The way you can create more pages on your site is by updating your blog. As you update your blog, your website will have more pages. As per Dashburst, companies that blog, get 434% more site pages. This would increase the impact of your blog and you could popularize your business by getting more traffic. Since we are talking about small business, it is important to popularize it.

Get more clients

If you keep updating your blog with the various latest products and services you are willing to offer, then you could increase productivity and attract more clients to your website or blog. Many businesses online attract a large chunk of their revenue with help of blogging and blog related activities.

Establish yourself

You can only let people know about your innovative ideas and creativity by telling people about it. You might be really talented, but if people do not know a thing about you or your business, you will not get any customers or revenue for that matter. You can do so with the help of content on your blog. This way you can tell people about what you think and want to do regarding your product or service. You can also address doubts and clear any sort of confusion that your readers or customers have with the help of your blog. This could help you establish yourself in your area of interest or in the particular field or industry you want to be a part of. It helps you share your expertise.

More leads

Companies that blog get more leads. You can generate more leads if you actively blog. Leads are potential customers that you could get by advertising or referring your business online. More leads you have, more revenue generation for your business. Blogging is one of the best ways for lead generation. It helps advertise and promote your business to a great extent.

Share content on social media

You cannot really run a Social Media page without any content. What will you post? What are you going to share if you have no content? Zero content and an inactive page or profile for any business is a big turn off. So Blogging would help you speed up the sharing process on Twitter, Facebook or any other social networking site you have signed up for your business. This would keep the customers or prospective customers interested in your business. If you have enough content to share or post, you will have more followers for your page. This would give you an energy boost to run your business.

Become accountable

Blogging is an open platform and everything is out there in the open. This gives you a sense of responsibility or accountability to your customers and readers. Customers who have purchased the product or service would give their feedback, negative or positive, depending on their experience. This would keep you focused as their feedback does influence other customers for their future endeavors. So you will become more accountable and will give your best towards making your business extremely customer friendly and one of the best. This gives them no choice but to give positive feedback.

Take control

You have complete control over what you post or write on your blog. You can post about topics that you think are important to you. You are the one setting the rules here and you can give your product or service immense focus with the help of it. You can project your business in any way you want it to be projected as. That is the biggest advantage here.

Offer your customers useful tips

Blogging is very resourceful for internet users and your customers. You can give your readers and customers helpful tips on how they can use your particular service or product. How they would find it useful. We are not referring to some kind of an instruction manual here. Just give a detailed user guide as to how they could attain benefits from the product. Why it is important to them. How they could purchase it online or otherwise or how the customers could contact you etc. This would help them clear all sorts of doubts regarding your business. Even though you have options such as ‘Contact Us’, ‘FAQs’ etc. on your site, you can give out details and help them personalize this product or service.

Beat competition

Every individual is unique and comes up with unique ideas and creative approaches. If you are actively blogging about your thoughts and creativity, it would help beat your rivals or competitors to a great extent. You can put across your ideas to your readers. You will not have to worry about not being able to express your creative skills and imagination and get insecure about how well your counterparts are doing. You are giving your best and that would leave no room for insecurity.

Every business has its own risks. If it is a small scale business, you have more insecurities as it is available only to a particular section of the society or a set of people. So use Blogging as a resourceful tool or technique to popularize it. There are many Bloggers who have established themselves in their respective fields through their blogs, and now they earn millions due to their friendly and creative approach. They have imparted their knowledge and wisdom to the masses who have appreciated their efforts. The biggest example is Pete Cashmore of Mashable or Michelle Phan (Look them up if you haven’t heard of them). So never think that Blogging wouldn’t really help and get demoralized. Use it to your advantage and work wonders.


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