Why Your Small Business Needs A Blog?

Who would you need a blog for when you have a website? You are already running a business and you have a website, then why exactly do you need a blog on top of all this? Is it because all your competitors have one? Well no, that is not the only reason. A blog for your business is like icing on the cake. There are plenty of reasons as to why you should have a blog for your business. There are tones of added advantages if you have a blog along with your site or business. Blogging is one of the best uses of the internet today. People use it to get rid of stress and write away, to promote them or their business, to make sure the world knows about their ideas. The blogosphere is a very popular world nowadays. If you have a business, then there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t be blogging. Here are some reasons as to why you need to blog to run a small business.

10 Effective Content Writing Tips for Daily Bloggers

Remember the time when writing was fun? Has the rigor of writing for blogs day in and day out sapped your creative energy? Read on to find easy ways to bring the pizzazz back to your blogs. Content writing tip 1-What’s in a name? The title of your blog, web page or article is akin to the title of a book or a movie. The title is what makes the…

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8 Blog Writing Tips for Daily Bloggers

These blog writers, they just have to open a word file and reach a keyboard to churn out stories, so you might have thought. How much more wrong can you be? The writer’s block bites and how it bites! You might have written excellent blog posts earlier, creating a model for yourself and you are just mightily stuck! Every writer goes through this phase. But no good blog writer has ever given up on his writing, not because this phase gets over, but you make that phase get over.

Think about Dostoyevsky, the great, prolific and probably one of the best novelists modern times witnessed. The man never really stopped writing; his inspiration being his dwindling bank balance and his addiction to gambling. The man even culled out a novel titled ‘The Gambler’ probably because he wanted the money to gamble more. So there, you have masters exploring crazy ways to boost their productivity. If Fyodor can do it to write classic novels, us lesser mortals can do it to create excellent online content and make it look as if it is not re-cycled!

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Why Should Your Business Have A Blog?

Gone are the days blogs were considered as a medium of personal expression. The advent of internet marketing has transformed blogs into a reliable marketing tool. Here are top four reasons why your business should have a blog. Traffic The sales you pull from your business website are directly proportionate to the traffic your website attracts. The higher your website traffic, the better your sales will be. A business blog…

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Blog Writing: Once Upon a Time in a Blog

To begin with, the word blog is coined from the term ‘web log’.  Like any other tool for writing, blogs also originated from man’s intense desire to express, to record and to disseminate ideas. Blog writing was not popular until the 1990s. Before blogs came into being, proficiency in Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) were considered essential for all those who want to publish on…