Why Should Your Business Have A Blog?

content writing tipsGone are the days blogs were considered as a medium of personal expression. The advent of internet marketing has transformed blogs into a reliable marketing tool. Here are top four reasons why your business should have a blog.


The sales you pull from your business website are directly proportionate to the traffic your website attracts. The higher your website traffic, the better your sales will be. A business blog will help you gather direct targeted traffic to your website and once there is a climb in the traffic, your chances of sales increases. However, there is one golden rule you should abide by to pull more hits: your blog should be updated regularly with relevant content.

Another method to build traffic is to link your blog to the most popular social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. Publish the links of your blog posts on your social media accounts and encourage your followers to share or repost the blog. It increases your visibility tenfold.


By maintaining a blog and by regularly updating it, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field. Relevant content and accurate facts about your specific industry will strengthen your expertise. If you frequently update your blog with interesting and informative posts that are related to your industry, you will have your readers coming back to your blog as well as website. It builds your reputation as an authority in the concerned industry.

A Face and a voice

One of the constant anxieties over virtual world is that the service provider is practically absent. A blog can help you make your presence felt personally and consistently. Moreover, it gives a face to your services and a voice to your business. In short, your business finds a form through your blog.


Blog writing is a brilliant way you can feed your existing as well as prospective customers with information and trust. By keeping a regularly updated blog, you can build a regular readership from among the web readers. This constant communication helps to foster a bond with your readers and becomes instrumental in developing trustworthiness, credibility and reliability. Recent researches on online marketing shows that customers are bound to purchase products and services from websites that constantly keeps their readers updated.

Here are a few tips to build reliability through your business blogs:

  • Make your blog more interactive by posting interesting topics for discussion
  • Make sure that you respond to the comments and queries posted by readers on your blog post
  • Give relevant information but do not ever overfeed your customers with information
  • Use an interactive and simple language to write your blog posts

Once you choose to build and maintain a frequently updated blog, all you need is a set of tips to enhance your blogging practice. We will provide you with a series of effective tips for blog writing in the coming days of this week.

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