What on Earth is A Web Content Writer?

content writer, web contentThree strangers  coming from various writing industries met at a party and they were trying to strike a conversation. Let’s eavesdrop:

A: “I am a copywriter. ”

B: “ Oh! You must be a  creative genius. ”

B: “ I am a technical writer. ”

A: “ Wow! You must be earning in thousands!”

C: “ I am a web content writer. ”

A & B: “ What on earth is that?”

I am sure, as web content writers, most of us have encountered such a response. Even when we explain our profession to those who have exposure to blogging and social media, we often get that unsolicited weird expression that says “Come again, I did not really get you.”

In a world where people shop clothes online, order pizzas online, follow blogs and visit various websites, it indeed is a shame that the word website content writer doesn’t ring a bell. I strongly feel it is high time we got a grip of the term.

So What on Earth is Web Content Writer?

With the advent of 3G connections, smart phones and tabs, there could be a bunch of people who have not touched the print version of a newspaper for many months. Most of them would be still reading TOI, The  Guardian, Forbes , Outlook and all kinds of newspapers and magazines every day, but more often when they are in a gym or on their way to office.  Boiled down to essentials, nowadays our lives are all about doing things on the go. And facilitating our lives on the go is what a website content writer does.

Now don’t give me that look. Consider these scenarios:

Scenario 1

There is a cricket match going on. You don’t feel like stepping into the kitchen lest you miss the action going on in the TV.  You decided to order a pizza online. You log on to the website of Pizza Hut or Dominos, follow certain instructions and place your order.

Scenario 2

There is a blog you follow religiously. You open the blog to check todays post and a pop up advertisement comes between you and the post. You get irritated and close the pop-up window and continue reading the post. You noticed one ad in the middle of the post and decided to write a mail to the blogger requesting her to stop putting ads in the middle of the posts as it interrupts reading.

Scenario 3

A friend came to visit you. She wanted to connect her HP laptop to your Wi-Fi network. You tried everything you could and realized that there is no way you could do it without a customer care executive’s assistance. You tried reaching the customer support only to realize that it is past their working hours. You switched on your laptop and searched for “ How to connect Wi-Fi to an HP laptop”. You got a few useful articles or a few Youtube videos which elaborate the procedure. You found at least one of these know-how articles or videos useful and fixed the laptop with the help of the video or the article.

And who Turned Internet into a Pool of Information?

All these instructions, online ads, useful information, entertainment, news and gossips you find on the net are created by none other than a web content writer.  Well, I know that the world is still not ready for web content writing. We are somewhat unwilling to accept web content writing as a thriving career option because we are still slow to comprehend the rapid changes happening to ourselves and to the world around us. Even though we spend hours and hours online, doing transactions, building connections, amassing information and seeking solutions, we never really find time to think about the professionals who created that knowledge for us.

The word web content writer carries lot more weight than what it usually conveys. That she is someone who is present in each and every second you spend online is neither an overstatement nor a fabrication. Each second you spend online, you are unknowingly acknowledging the existence of a web content writer no matter how invisible she is. Watch out for my next post –Why Web Content Writing is Not a Glamorous Profession?

Ambika Indira
Ambika Indira is one of the co-founders and the Managing Director of Coffeegraphy. She specializes in online content and SEO. She is a rigorous observer of the trends and changes happening in online content industry.

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