Content Writing Tips: Why Your Online Content Fails?

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By Ambika Indira

As a content writer, you are desperate to create content that grabs the attention of your reader. You have given your best efforts and churned the best copy, the best copy you have ever written. Yet, when it comes to traffic your content is a failure. If you have gone through this experience, go ahead reading the rest.

Why Your Online Content Really Fails?

Our experience says your content fails because it fails to connect with your reader emotionally.

Emotions! What kind of emotions are we talking about? How to bring in emotions to business content?

Well, we are talking about invoking any of the following three emotions of your reader:


Write a headline that addresses your reader’s utmost fear and then comfort him/her by offering solutions. For instance consider this headline: Top 3 Reason Why Small Business Fail when you write a headline like this, We are sure any small business owner will click your link. Now all you have to do is fill your copy with solutions that comfort your reader and help him/ her tame the business.


Give your reader a sense of satisfaction and h/she will not miss an opportunity to read your content. For example write a headline like Earn A 5 Figure Income By Becoming A Freelance Content Writer, you will see a reader dying to get a glimpse of the content.


Curiosity nourishes the content. From infants to old age, we all have a love for the unknown. Create a hook and see your readership thrive. Will you read an article with a headline The 1 Thing Content Writers Must Do To Attract Readership? If the answer is yes, curiosity indeed nourishes content.


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