How To Write Website Content That Bites The Penguin Back?

content writing tips, google penguin, wesbite contentWith the Google Penguin update, Google has set new parameters to monitor and rank websites. Many websites that are focusing on creating links without giving much attention to their content have trembled before the wrathful Penguin. Here a few web content writing tips that will help your websites survive the  24th April, 2012 Google Penguin update.

Write Original Content: You have heard this before. And you must be wondering is there something like that? Well, when we say original content, we mean write content from a fresh perspective. Generate a concept and theme and weave your content around the theme. Checkout this page for an example.

Don’t Grey Your Hair Over Keyword Density: Panda was totally in love with keywords, it looks like Penguin does not have such a weakness. Earlier Google was ranking web pages that have enough keyword density. This lead to website owners stuffing their pages with keywords without giving much importance to the natural flow, readability and quality of the content. The very purpose of the Penguin update is to reinforce quality over keyword density. Write natural copy that is reader friendly and use keywords only when they are necessary. This is the only way to win the heart of the Penguin.

Write Inspirational and Informative Content: Readers and users should be using your content as a reference. Write articles or blog posts that are informative. Write ‘how to’ tips that are relevant to your industry.

Write Sharable Content: Make your online content conversational and interesting so that it will create a buzz in the social networking sites. Novelty and freshness make your content sharable. Develop ‘one of its kind’ writing style and people will definitely notice and share your content making it a buzz in the social media.

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