3 Ways to Make Yourself An Irresistible Web Content Writing Company

content writing tips, website copywriting tips, content writing services, SEO copywriting, content writing BangaloreYou tried your best to get that web content writing project.

And by writing a good sample you did it too.

However, once the project is over the client never came back to you.

Have you gone through this scenario?

Are you looking for a way to get repeat business?

Here are a few proven strategies.

So how do you set about getting repeat business for your company? Complicated question? Well, the answer is excruciatingly simple, ‘quality’. The answer to that question can be contained and elucidated in three simple steps. Ready to change your perception of web content writing? Here goes.


Flabbergast, amaze and take your clients by surprise. The clients are usually under a lot of pressure. They work on tight schedules and may not really have the time or energy to elucidate what they need. Being a web content writer, rely on your understanding of the web space and web content writing. The brief might not be what you need, it might not even encapsulate everything that the client totally requires. As a company, if you take the brief, analyze and deliver what the client might be looking for, but hasn’t really explicitly said, then you surprise the client.

A web content writing company is just like any other company. It relies on good business strategies to get and retain clientele. But in the domain of web content writing, if you go above and beyond the norm, and deliver quality writing, on time, in the format the client is looking for then the client is sure to come back.

Quality before unrealistic deadline

The web content writing domain is rarely an ordered, 9 to 5 time limited domain. Clients are very often hard pressed for time. They may be overworked, harried, overwhelmed or even unaware of the language and content viable for the web space.

Clients who need content at a moment’s notice are numerous. Giving the right content to the right client at the right time can take your company to unprecedented heights. But unrealistic deadlines chip at the quality of work you offer. Being a web content writer, you may be writing throughout the day. In order to meet unrealistic deadlines you may work through the night. Sleep deprivation is a funny thing, it robs you of your ability to see errors in judgment and quality. Good quality content that need not be edited and re-edited is a sure fire way to get repeat clients rather than setting unrealistic deadlines and letting the quality of your work suffer.

Confer with the client

The easy way out, the way that most companies work is by taking orders from clients, working and submitting what the client asked for. The clients get what they want and you get paid, what more can you do you may ask.

As a web content writer or a web content writing company you come armed with background knowledge and expertise in the web arena. This knowledge and expertise might not be available to the client. The client may be unaware of the latest trends and the latest developments.

For example, your client may be handing over a small chunk of work and willing to work on the rest themselves. If you choose to just take orders, then your content might not match with the content they are working, there might not be continuity or flow to the web page.

If, however you choose to delve further and invest more of yourself, then the result will be far more favorable. Calling on your expertise and interests, you can make the process of briefing less stressful for both of you. You may suggest topics, key words and strategize the content so as to make it more potent.

Passion and an unmitigated love for writing and work ultimately is what will win clients and their loyalty. A passionate approach to making not only your business but also the clients’ business better builds reputation that will keep and bring in new business.

So you see, retaining clients and getting new clients through word-of-mouth publicity is not rocket science. A few, simple, honest work ethics will ensure satisfaction and contentment for both the web content writing company and the client. Happy content writing times to you.


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