Content Writing Ingredient Three: Wit beyond Measure Is Content Writer’s Greatest Treasure

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Today’s post is about that ingredient of content writing which has the power to elevate your web content, blog posts and articles from ordinary to extraordinary: namely, WIT.

Those who have read Harry Potter might remember the motto of Ravenclow house: Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure. Those who are into content writing surely will attest to the truth of this statement: yes, wit beyond measure indeed is a content writer’s greatest treasure.

Wit has several meanings, the most popular among them being humour. The definition of wit is not limited humour alone, though. In content writing wit is the ability to write in a clever and interesting manner. Properly used wit gives a facelift to your writing, no matter how mundane the topic is.

Web readers are hard to please. If your content is too long, the readers may get bored. If your writing is too short, they might lose interest. If your writing is packed with information, readers might think that it is too thick and if it is short of information, your writing will be tagged shallow. But the only ingredient a web content reader cannot miss in your writing is the wit that gives life to your words and language.

However, wit should be used with proper caution or else you will sound preposterous. You should know the line that separates wit from sarcasm.  A fair use of wit is important to grab approval from your readers and you should avoid three Ds in your writing- dismissal, disdain and disrespect. That makes the three golden rules for exercising wit.

  1. When you write articles, never dismiss facts
  2. In blog writing, never exhibit disdain
  3. When you write web content, never write with explicit disrespect towards your peers

To know how to abide by these three golden rules, your writing has to have another key ingredient. We will reveal that secret ingredient for content writing tomorrow. Wait for more!

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Meera Moorkoth
Meera Moorkoth is one of the co-founders and the Creative Director of Coffeegraphy. Her areas of interest include creative writing, e-Learning and pedagogy, and travel writing.

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