How to Drive Traffic to Your Articles/Blogs from Social Media? [Infographic]

Hurray! We proudly present you the first ever Coffeegraphy infographic. And we have chosen a topic most of you can easily relate to – how to increase traffic to your blogs or articles from social media sites.

The role of social media is constantly changing, and changing for good too. From being an online platform to connect to your professional and personal network, social media sites have transformed into a tool to boost sales, support business and increase visibility.

Can you use them to widen the readership of your blogs and articles? The answer is, yes, you can. However, getting people on social media to visit and read your blogs is no easy job. Moreover, if not done carefully, it does more harm than good.

For many people out there, the word social media is synonymous with Facebook or Google+. But there are a number of other sites you can use to reach your target audience and keep them engaged.

Making your presence felt in those sites is quite a task; harder it is to get a steady readership from those sites. The very nature of and user behavior in many such sites are counterproductive to serious engagement or readership of any degree.

In this infographic post, we bring to you a few tips you can use to attract readership from social media sites.

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Ambika Indira
Ambika Indira is one of the co-founders and the Managing Director of Coffeegraphy. She specializes in online content and SEO. She is a rigorous observer of the trends and changes happening in online content industry.

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