How to Drive Attention Towards your Google+ Posts


Online social networking has become a part of our lives. Whether we admit it or not, we all want our posts on the social networking sites to generate maximum amount of interest and attention from our friends, family, acquaintances and followers. Once we were obsessed with Orkut before Facebook took over smartly. We have been bowled over by Pinterest. We love the way we can express and interact on Twitter. Then there is also the interesting platform of Google . This Google is unique from the other social networking sites as it is also an authorship tool that relates the web-content straight to its author or owner. So, how do we create Google posts that attract attention, comments and shares? Let us explore the ways to do so.

Image: A picture is worth a thousand words

We all are aware about the fact that an appropriate image adds value to our article writing or blogging endeavours. It is no different for Google posts. Images play an essential role in drawing interest to the blog post. You must have noticed that Google is similar to a blog and also happens to be akin to Pinterest, where images are the ruling factor. The interesting point is that during one of the last major update with Google , Google introduced modifications that support big images. In fact the images can be as big as the entire screen. This shows what importance an image can have in a blog post. But any image will not create magic for your blog writing. A relevant image is the thing that needs to accompany your Google posts. So, after writing a good post for the Google platform, look around for an image that suits the words.

But if you are not using an original image then do not forget to ask for permission and always give credit to the owner. It will only add to your credibility.

Headline: Get a head start

Headlines can make or break your Google post. Yes! They are that powerful. An attractive and effective headline can grab attention and compel people to read your blog posts. Though writing an interesting headline takes some effort, it is not an impossible task if the rules of writing a catchy headline are followed. The best part is that the result is always much more rewarding than the effort. So, in order to build up on the popularity of your blog writing, pay attention to make your headline as interesting as possible. Make it short, simple and unique. Be precise in your headline. Nothing kills the interest of a reader more than a misleading headline.

Remember to keep the length of your headline under 60 characters; else it will flow into the second line.

Opening Sentence: First things first

The opening sentence of your Google post plays a crucial role in attracting readers. Among one of the last updates of Google the layout of the posts was changed. Now you can see just a glimpse of the original posts through the first three lines before the ‘Read More’ button comes up. So you have just three lines to convince a reader to read your Google post in its entirety. It goes beyond saying that in such a scenario, the first sentence must have an instant grip on the reader’s mind. An opening that awakens the reader’s curiosity is the best way to go about the task. Just try to find the catch that will lead your readers to fall hook, line and sinker for your post.

In short, create a good opening that will compel your readers to click on the ‘Read More’ button and go through your entire blog post.

Body Copy: Toe the line

If you have drawn your reader to the point of reading the body copy then you have already managed to make the correct start. Now present a fine body copy to sustain the attention of your readers till the end of the post. Make your body copy as informative as possible. In fact, the rules that apply to your blog writing or article writing also apply to your Google posts. Some of the most important points that you need to keep in mind while drafting your Google posts include doing extensive research, never using duplicate content, being original in use of words and way of delivery, building your authority and writing about things that people would love to know and share. Just write for human beings and not for search engines.

After you have finished, do not forget to proof read and spell check. In case you want to change something after publishing the post, the edit button lies at your command.

Audience: Share with care

Learn to recognize your audience before sharing your posts. A very useful tool in your hands is the Google Circles. Usually people simply share their Google posts with the default options, ‘Your Circles’ and ‘Public’. But Google empowers you to categorize your audience with specific Circles. Build your audience based on the common interests and group them into separate circles. Share your posts with the circles that have an interest on that specific topic. This way, your audience will be more interested in going though your posts and your popularity will rise.

Now that you have a fair idea about how to create popular Google posts, start writing and building your audiences right away.


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