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How to Drive Traffic to Your Articles/Blogs from Social Media? [Infographic]

Hurray! We proudly present you the first ever Coffeegraphy infographic. And we have chosen a topic most of you can easily relate to – how to increase traffic to your blogs or articles from social media sites. The role of social media is constantly changing, and changing for good too. From being an online platform to connect to your professional and personal network, social media sites have transformed into a…


How to Drive Attention Towards your Google+ Posts

Online social networking has become a part of our lives. Whether we admit it or not, we all want our posts on the social networking sites to generate maximum amount of interest and attention from our friends, family, acquaintances and followers. Once we were obsessed with Orkut before Facebook took over smartly. We have been bowled over by Pinterest. We love the way we can express and interact on Twitter.…

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10 Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media Marketing

  Social media marketing is a powerful platform for propagating commercial interests. It is no longer limited to being a medium for staying in touch with friends and family. Today it has become an easy way to share and receive information related to personal and professional matters. Most of the people have a fair idea about how social media works. But not many are aware of the pitfalls in social…

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Why Google’s In-depth Article Shouldn’t Be Taken Seriously?

Oops! Google did it again. Yet another new ‘strategy’ to make life better. You might have noticed that when you Google stuff nowadays, you tend to find detailed results with a thumbnail and an introduction to your searched keyword. Now, that is what Google’s in-depth articles are. In-depth  are supposed to be well researched and detailed articles that are at least 2000-5000 words long. You cannot judge a good quality…


Why Google+ is Important for Your Business?

A popular joke was doing its rounds some time back. It went like this. Q: Which is the best place to hide a dead body? A: The second page of Google Search. This becomes a joke precisely because of the efficiency of Google to get the right information to you at every search. Nobody would ever go to the second page of a Google search. You search for something and…

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How To Write Better Posts On Your Facebook Page

By Ambika Indira

In the movie The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, the character named Tuco says, “When you have to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk”. The same goes true for content writing, “When you have to write, write. Don’t beat around the bush.” The full post is about how to make your blog more communicative and a teaser like this can definitely keep your readers hungry for more.