Blog Writing Service – Fallacies and Myths

There always are fallacies and myths that revolve around certain practices all over the world. Here are a number of fallacies about blogging and Blog writing fallacies ices. We offer you surprising facts about the same.





Blog Writing Fallacies and Myths

Fallacy 1: The popular joke about blogging is that anyone can become a writer and get anything published. Blogging, many think, is a pastime.

Fact: Blogging is an extremely powerful platform your business can make use of to get your products or services across to the public. It enables you to speak to your target audience directly and specifically in a manner more engaging than all the other cyber platforms.

Fallacy 2: It is a personal practice. Writers write personally and subjectively.

Fact:  Blogging is the number one tool to publicize your products and services. It is the most interactive public face of your business and an efficient way to introduce new products, brands or services. Corporate and business blog writings keep your business lively and vibrant amidst a cyber-community that looks for useful information.

Fallacy 3: Business bloggers have to walk on eggshells. Business blogs carry within themselves the potential danger of displeasing readers and audience.

Fact: Writing blogs is an art: an art of pleasing and an art of engaging. All you need is a content writer who knows that art. If carefully and pleasingly written, they perform as a salesperson for your business.

Fallacy 4: Blogging is entertainment!

Fact: If the underlying potential of blogging platforms is properly tapped, two things happen: business become as appealing as entertainment; entertainment become as profitable as a business. The posts not only enhance your business but attract traffic of high magnitude.

Fallacy 5: It is a time-consuming business activity that yields relatively lower results.

Fact:  The ultimate aim of business is to increase visibility so that it convinces, educates and draws customers. Blogging does these three things simultaneously in a cost-effective and alluring manner.
Having dismantled the most popular fallacies, here comes the real question: who can offer you blog writing services in a way that keeps readers coming back? Who can create compelling posts that bring more and more new readers on a daily or perhaps hourly basis?

Why outsource your blog writing requirements to India?

Blog writing is multitasking: it is writing, managing, engaging, entertaining, convincing and educating all at the same time. Are you looking for a content writing partner who can multitask for you? Coffeegraphy is a sound choice.

We at Coffeegraphy, a content writing company in Bangalore, India, know the logic and rules of blog writing services. We use content writing as a magnet to pull readers and turn them into your customers. Every reader is a potential customer and we use the innate power of content not just to publish your thoughts but to publicize services and products as well. Our writers manage all the major platforms like WordPress and Blogspot with ease and our SEO techniques come to you as a bonus when you choose our blog writing services.

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