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How to Drive Traffic to Your Articles/Blogs from Social Media? [Infographic]

Hurray! We proudly present you the first ever Coffeegraphy infographic. And we have chosen a topic most of you can easily relate to – how to increase traffic to your blogs or articles from social media sites. The role of social media is constantly changing, and changing for good too. From being an online platform to connect to your professional and personal network, social media sites have transformed into a…

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7 Tips to Write Interesting Articles for Boring Industries [Infographic]

Well, most of you might think the premise of this article is wrong. I can hear most of you muttering in disagreement: “You might not find an industry interesting, but someone else might.” I agree with you. It indeed is difficult to define “boredom” with any degree of certainty. There is nothing called a boring industry, and hence there are no boring article topics. A company that runs a battery…

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4 Reasons Why You should Repurpose Your Business Articles or Blog Posts

If you have a business blog into which you regularly contribute, chances are that you already have a good repository of articles related to your industry or business. You must have noticed that some of your articles are performing well while others could not make much impact. Now you are faced with two important questions. Firstly, how do you make the already-performing articles reach a wider audience? Secondly, how do…

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How To Create Bullet Points That Hit the Bull’s Eye Every Single Time?

As a web content writer, you probably have listened to one too many lectures about how bullet points are very effective tools of communication. Boring, right? Well how about we tell you how to create effective bullet points without any blood, sweat and tears? Here’s how to craft bullet points that will shoot right off the page. How do bullet points work? The bullet point is a powerful tool in…

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10 Little Known Facts to Increase Writing Speed

Time is a luxury that everyone, including writers, loves to have on their hands. But with countless writing assignments, hovering deadlines, professional and personal commitments, even one free hour in a day seems like a dream. As a content writer, how do you plan to deal with the situation? What is the most obvious thing you can do to gift yourself a few moments away from your packed schedule? The…

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Why Google’s In-depth Article Shouldn’t Be Taken Seriously?

Oops! Google did it again. Yet another new ‘strategy’ to make life better. You might have noticed that when you Google stuff nowadays, you tend to find detailed results with a thumbnail and an introduction to your searched keyword. Now, that is what Google’s in-depth articles are. In-depth  are supposed to be well researched and detailed articles that are at least 2000-5000 words long. You cannot judge a good quality…

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Content Writing Tips: Why Grammar Matters

Girl 1: Do you want to buy a knight stand or a night stand?

Girl 2: Huh! What is a knight stand?

Girl 1: I don’t know! Probably a stand owned by a medieval knight?

Girl 2: Here, let me see.

Girl 2 is looking over the website.

Girl 2: Sheesh! It’s a spelling mistake. Look, the picture for both are the same.

Girl 1: Oh!

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9 Ways to Write Articles and Blogs that Sell

Are you looking for ways to create blog, articles, newsletters etc., that sell and promote your client’s products and services? Here are a few tips that will help you write content that sells. 1.Enjoy writing the articles Have fun with your words and use them as an advantage to make your product seem attractive to people. So make your prospective customers and readers interested and get them excited about your…

A Beginner’s Guide to Web Content Writing

You are new to the world of Web Content Writing and baffled with the ever-changing techniques used by the search engines. In this situation, the most obvious thing you are going to do is to search for “Web Content Writing Tips” on the internet. A long list of results appears on the search engine. You are left more confused with this exhaustive list. Hmmm, what next? Let’s make your life easy… errr… web content writing easy with this quick guide.

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How To Write Engaging Articles for the Boring Industry

They say everything under the sun has a formula for success, a secret recipe to create magic. Does writing also have a formula? Could there be a recipe to turn the bland, boring vegetables of topics into appetizing, scrumptious deserts that everybody wants a piece of. Read on to find out more about the secret recipe for writing articles for the most boring topic. It’s All About The Packaging Often…