10 Little Known Facts to Increase Writing Speed

blog writing tipsTime is a luxury that everyone, including writers, loves to have on their hands. But with countless writing assignments, hovering deadlines, professional and personal commitments, even one free hour in a day seems like a dream.

As a content writer, how do you plan to deal with the situation? What is the most obvious thing you can do to gift yourself a few moments away from your packed schedule?

The clear answer is to be able to write in a faster manner without compromising on quality.

So how will you go about achieving this task? Here are 10 little known facts to increase your writing speed.

Fact 1: Trace the Outline

The first rule to write in a faster manner is to outline your content first. Once that is done, filling up the details becomes much easier and less time consuming.

Tracing the outline is very simple and extremely effective. But this little known fact is often ignored by most writers.

If you have a topic in mind, research it and then note down the points that you will elaborate in your content.

Fact 2: Concentrate on a Single Project

Everyone loves to multitask to save on time. But in case of writing, the best idea is to take up each task one-at-a-time. Dedicate yourself to a single writing assignment and eliminate all other distractions till you have completed it.

This rule or fact is easier said than done. It is an era of social networking and remaining connected is the rule we all follow. But keeping away from the lure of Facebook, Twitter, etc. helps to increase the speed of your writing. You can always check your mails and tweets after you have completed the assignment.

It may sound a bit tough to follow, but this fact produces amazing results. Concentrate totally on your writing and nothing else and watch your speed increase considerably.

Fact 3: Practice Typing

Yes, if you can type faster your work will get done faster. So, get on to your keyboard and start learning to type faster.

With practice, you will be able to type correctly even without looking at the keyboard. Try to achieve that level of proficiency in your typing. Your speed of delivering content will increase automatically.

Fact 4: Keep Panic at Bay

Panic is a condition that is often experienced by writers. But to move ahead with your writing assignments, continue writing under all situations.

If the words seem elusive, write whatever comes to your mind. You can always revise and improve once you have written the first draft. Have faith in your abilities and know that you can overcome the situation with your determination.

Fact 5: Start Setting Deadlines

If you wish to write faster, make a habit of setting deadlines for yourself. Decide the amount of time you want to dedicate to a piece of content and then stick to it.

While setting deadlines, do not forget to include time for revision and proofreading. This will help you to remain focused on your writing and deliver your best within the shortest time.

Fact 6: Follow your Routine

Most writers have habits and routines that allow them to slip into the correct mental state for writing. Some have a habit of drinking coffee before they sit to write. Some listen to music or play with their pets.

Decide what makes you get into the mood to write happily. Follow your routine. A relaxed mind is always more productive and the ideas get flowing better.

Fact 7: Avoid Being a Perfectionist

Writers often spend a large amount of their time thinking about the perfect opening line or paragraph. The secret to overcome such a situation is to write first and then try to bring perfection into your content.

Complete your writing and then take time to edit the content. Add or delete words, sentences or even paragraphs as you feel necessary. This will help to improve your turn-around time drastically.

Fact 8: Read Aloud While Editing

Reading aloud while editing is a wonderful rule. It lets you catch errors easily and helps to improve your web content writing. It is more effective than proof reading without making a sound.

You can also take the help of tools like spellcheckers that easily mark out spelling mistakes. Such tools are a great time-saving help.

Fact 9: Recognize Your Most-productive Hour

Most of us feel more energetic or focused at certain hours of the day than at others. Recognize your most productive hour and utilize that time to complete your assignments.

If you feel energetic and fresh in the morning, then practice writing during the morning hours. If you can concentrate more during night, then schedule your assignments to be completed at night.

Fact 10: Take Breaks in your Schedule

Writing continuously for long hours can slow down any writer. Break up your work into blocks. Make it a point to take a short break after completing each block.

For instance, if you are involved in a lengthy web content writing project, allow yourself a break after you have completed the research and the outline.

Maintain short breaks and do not try to extend the time. Take your mind away from work for those few moments. You will discover that you tend to write better and faster if your brain gets the breathers at regular intervals.

Incorporate these little known facts into your routine and see yourself zoom onto the faster lane of web content writing.


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