Say Hello to Fresh Topics for Your Blogs

blog writing tipsBlog writing is a creative process that follows certain rules to be popular among the readers. Finding a fresh blog topic is just one of the factors that affect blog writing.

An attractive topic compels readers to go through your blog, which is the ultimate objective of any blog. In order to sustain the interest of your readers and keep them coming back for more, you must update your blog with content on fresh and interesting topics on a regular basis. But after you have dealt with the basic and general topics of your genre, a time comes when the topics seem to dry up.

How do you plan to address the demand for new topics under such a situation? Read on to know about the secrets of discovering fresh topics for your blogs.

Dive in the sea of current events

You may wonder how the current political scenario of the country or the new food bill can have any relation to your blog. At the first glance it may not seem remotely possible to connect the current events of the day to your blog writing. But if you give a serious thought to it, you may come up with an idea to connect one of the current events to your blog in a unique manner.

Such an effort also makes the search engines happy as the fresh topics relate to what is presently trending online. Readers love such blog posts as the presentation is unique and makes for interesting reading.

Open the treasure trove of old blogs

Review your blog and mark out those blog posts that were more popular than the others. Did a particular topic attract more readers than the others? Was a blog post successful in receiving an unexpectedly huge number of comments? Has one of the blog posts initiated a debate or long discussion among the readers?

If you find such a blog post then that is the topic you should be giving another thought to. Try giving a new lease of life to that post. The easiest way to do so is to update the blog post or write a sequel to it.

If the information presented in the blog has changed since it was posted, then come up with an updated version. If the points can be explained in a new light then do the needful. If you think that you can add more points to the topic then re-write the blog with the added points.

Remember to mention your old blog and include a link back to it while writing the new one.

Peep into the kitty of competitors

It is always a good idea to be aware of the moves of your competitors. Keep yourself abreast with what your competitors are doing in the blog writing world to increase readership. Find out what are the topics that are trending on your competitors’ blogs. You do not have to copy what they are saying. But you can always get inspired from those blogs for a fresh topic to present on your own blog.

Subscribe to your competitor’s blogs and try to see what topics are generating interest among the readers. If your competitors are dealing with a particular idea and drawing attention to it then it indicates that the topic has got potential. Think how you can come up with a unique topic that relates to the same issue or subject.

Feel the pulse of friends and acquaintances

Talk to your friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances or anyone you know. You can also talk with strangers. Bring up the genre of your blog and try to figure out what people want to know on the subject. Attempt to understand what it is that interests them most about your blogging genre.

Connect with your readers on your blog post through discussions and messages. Try to know what topics they would love to read about. Ask a few simple but relevant questions and ponder over their answers to discover what draws their attention. Then think about how you can address that interest through your blog writing.

Bang on the door of social media

One of the best places to look for information and ideas is the social media. Use the power of social media tools like Facebook and Twitter to get ideas from a large number of people. Social media is a very powerful information hub that has a lot of unexplored potential. Linkedln Groups, StumbleUpon, etc. are all goldmines of information. Even You Tube has a very active search engine that lets you see what videos and tutorials are currently the hot topic of discussion. Use that information to get inspiration for a fresh topic for your blog.

These are some of the most effective ways to come up with fresh topics for your blog. What are the ideas you follow to source fresh topics for your blogs? Share your ideas in the comment section below.


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