Game-changing Ideas to Make your Blog Interesting

blog writing,blog writing tipsBlog writing is the result of the right combination of information, presentation and interest generation. Have you ever written a blog in a presentable style and yet failed to hook the readers? Has your blog been unsuccessful in generating interest in spite of having the right dose of information?  Did you wonder about the missing ingredient? Any blog with the right combination of facts and figures and a nice way of presentation may still not make the mark. It has to generate interest in the readers. So how can you arouse the interest of your readers and draw their attention to your blog? Read on to know about the game changing ideas to make your blog interesting.

Morning shows the day

If you wake up to an overcast sky what is your first thought? Presumably, “Oh it’s going to rain today.” That provides you the basis to plan your day accordingly. Likewise, the headline is the teaser that lets your reader peep into the content of your blog. It paves the way for the first reaction for your blog writing. Whether they will say, “Yes, that’s exactly the topic that I am looking for” or “No, that’s not what I want to know about” usually depends on the headline of your post. So, make sure to come up with a headline that is a gist of your blog post. But your work does not end here. Weave interest into the headline by making it catchy.

You have the luxury of just a few seconds to capture the interest of your readers. Make your headline as compelling as possible.

The early bird gets the worm

Be the early bird in realizing the needs of your readers and then addressing them. Generate original ideas to draw them to your blog writing. No one will be interested in reading your blog if it lacks the touch of originality. If your topic is addressed by 100 other writers, why would anyone feel attracted towards your blog post? But if you can deal with an original topic, it can be the incentive for your readers to go through your post. So, seize their attention by being original.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Be bold enough to stand out from the crowd and be visible. Dare to be different in your presentation. Be witty, be humorous but be different. Do not allow your readers to be indifferent to your blog writing. Try to generate some kind of reaction from them. Engage them through a nice story or anecdote. Paint a picture through your words. Encourage them to interact about the post. Lead them through your ideas and call for their action through comments or messages. But do not forget to respond to their questions and queries promptly.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Images are a great way to get across your point. Visuals are very effective in conveying messages instantly. They increase the recall value of a post. Find out a relevant image for your blog post. But try to put up an image that has no copyright issues. If you think that a particular copy-righted image has the correct ingredients to be placed in your post, ask for permission first. Do not forget to give credit to the owner.

A stumble may prevent a fall

Readers love a well-written post delivered in a flawless manner. In order to preserve a post from the pitfalls of silly mistakes make sure to spell-check and proofread. Grammatical mistakes can be a great turn-off and kill the interest of your readers. Avoid an early death for your blog post by checking and re-checking before you publish your content online.

Different strokes for different folks

Every reader is unique and has a unique taste. It is not possible to please everyone at all times. So, know and understand your target audience and concentrate on serving them better. Focus on their interest and try to deliver an informative and entertaining blog post.

These are a few effective ways to generate and sustain your readers’ interest for your blog writing.




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