Showstopper Ideas for Writing Great Blog Introductions

blog writing tipsImagine a scenario: You have written a great blog post. Your headline is screaming boldly for attention. You expect a great readership. But the unexpected happens. Your readers just do not seem interested in reading your post. You begin to wonder why. The culprit is not the blog body containing facts and figures or the headline that matters. The odd offender is your introduction.

After grabbing attention with a catchy headline, the opening paragraph proves to be the testing water for the post. These first few lines are crucial as readers decide whether to continue reading the post or not while going through the introduction. So, what is the secret behind writing irresistible introductions? Here are some show-stopper ideas to begin your blog post.

Make the reader feel welcome

Your opening lines must convey the message that the reader’s concerns will be dealt with in the blog post. Such an approach automatically generates interest among the readers and makes them follow the rest of the blog. This direct approach is an effective way to impress your readers. Keep it short and simple but compelling enough for them.

Express a common point

Nothing works better than a commonality. If your introduction can point out a common ground between you and your reader, your chances of establishing an instant connection increases by many-folds. Your readers will feel more drawn towards what you have to say and will be genuinely interested in reading your blog post.

Bring in a personal touch

A personal touch in blog writing always works wonders for the readers. Try telling a story, describing a simple scenario or even sharing an anecdote in your opening lines. Do anything that helps to grab the attention of your readers and makes them want to read more of the blog.

Create a sense of curiosity

Creating curiosity is another effective way to introduce your blog post. An easy way to generate curiosity is to ask a question. Involve your readers with a relevant question and arrest their attention.

Quote a quote

Quotes help to set the tone for your blog post. A famous quote captivates the interest of the readers and provides the nudge for them to check out the whole blog post. Use quotes effectively in your introductions to evoke emotions or inspirations in your readers.

Tickle the funny bone

Humor is the best medicine that works in all areas of a blog post. You can use the power of humor in every part of your post, right from the introduction to the conclusion. So, a humorous introduction can just act as the doze that your blog post needs.

Share your trigger

Tell your readers what made you write the blog post in the first place. Let them peep into your mind and they will be happy to have a better glimpse of your thoughts. Such a situation generally encourages the readers to go ahead with reading the post.

Add a mysterious touch

Build a mystery in your introduction and unfold that in your content body. This will hook the interest of the readers and keep them involved in your blog writing. But keep up with your promise and make the mysterious wait worthwhile for the readers. Provide them with content that they will be glad to read.

Make facts works

Stating exact facts and figures is a straight forward way to grab the attention of your readers. A little detail in the intro can help to build your credibility. Readers often trust the magic of numbers. So, if you think that your blog post needs a to-the-point introduction, then offering facts and figures in the intro is a nice idea.

Paint a picture with words

Try to create an image in your reader’s mind by using words like “imagine a situation,” “picture a scenario,” etc. If you can succeed in producing a mental image, you will be able to stroke their interest in reading the post further.

End Note

The introduction is the part that allows you to establish the connection with your readers. It helps to draw them towards your blog writing. So, never forget to come up with effective introductions, as they are vital for the success of your blog writing.


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