Content Writing for Mobile Users

content writing tipsImagine you are out on a visit to a shopping mall to check out a few products. You fish out your smartphone and begin searching for reviews of these items. But the mobile website you check has a long introduction and lengthy paragraphs. You become impatient and try finding another site. After some searching you finally land on a site that offers to-the-point information in a user-friendly manner.

As a content writer, how are you going to provide information that will attract readers on the go? What are the basics of mobile content writing? Read on to know about the fundamentals of mobile content writing.

  • Know the ropes

Be aware of how a mobile website is different from the average desktop website. An average desktop web page generally has 250 to 500 words of content. But a mobile site is suitable for just 75 to 110 words per web page. As the screen is small, only the first 75 to 90 words are usually visible. Mobile audience does not have the patience to check out a content of 500 words by scrolling down. They want everything explained in a few words. So, deliver your piece of content writing accordingly.

  • Hit the nail on the head

Long introductions are not for the mobile audience. Start delivering usable and to-the-point information from the first sentence itself. Offer exactly what the reader wants to know. Understand that your mobile readers are goal-oriented. Deliver them content that is short, straight and simple – in other words usable and user-friendly.

  •  Keep your eyes open

Mobile websites demand careful observation of the traits of readers and presenting content that suits them. For instance, mobile readers glance at the screen while walking down the street. So, the font style and size must favor such factors. Follow the rule of simplicity to make your content attractive for the mobile audience. Avoid using fancy fonts that may look good on your desktop. Use fonts that can be easily scanned. Keep the font size a bit larger than that used for the desktop sites. Such observations can go a long way in attracting readers to your mobile content writing.

  • Where there’s a will there’s a way

Your mobile readers have the habit of changing to another site before they scroll down to the bottom of the website. It may seem tough to attract their attention and sustain it, but nothing is impossible. Use catchy headlines to attract their attention. Use your headlines as a gist to let your readers know what the section actually contains. Provide informative and useful information to keep them glued to your content writing.

  • All’s well that ends well

Conclude your mobile content writing in an effective manner. Use clear words, links and colorful buttons to call your readers to action. Use forms with limited number of fields as typing on the mobile phone is a difficult task for most users. Offer easy directions to your readers to reach you through emails and social networking tools.

The mobile market is expanding at a rapid speed. Grab the opportunity by providing content that is just right for the medium. With some practice, your content writing can become perfect for the mobile websites. Stay connected with us to know more on the subject in the coming weeks.


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