Content Writing Secret Ingredient 5:Perspective

artcile writing, article marketingAs a content writer, you hear the word perspective on a daily basis either from your boss or from the client. Nobody wants content without a perspective and no one will approve a web content or blog that lacks the right the perspective.

What Is Perspective?

Let’s begin with the dictionary meaning. We can sum up the dictionary meaning of the word, as a writers’ subjective point of view of events. If this is the definition of perspective, writings with perspectives are bound to have a subjective colour.

We know what you are thinking now. You must be wondering how can I write a subjective personal point of view of web application? How can I write a service page like landscaping from a perspective? And here comes the most important part of this content writing tip-whose perspective.

Whose Perspective Should Your Content Reflect?

End of the day, we are writing for the client. There is no point in writing a 500 worded web content, article or blog, if you have no clue about the client’s perspective or your reader’s perspective. So before opening your word file and start filling it words, just take a few moments to dig deeper and understand the perspective of your client. When you understand you client, you will start thinking like him/her. When you start thinking like your client, you will have a better grip on your target audience. In short, when you get the perspective right, rather when you get your client’s perspective right, content writing will definitely feel like a cake walk.

If you are on the lookout for a content writer who can write a blog, article or web content that reflects your perspective, feel free to contact us.

Meera Moorkoth
Meera Moorkoth is one of the co-founders and the Creative Director of Coffeegraphy. Her areas of interest include creative writing, e-Learning and pedagogy, and travel writing.

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