Blog Writing: Anyone can Write, Can they?

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Not more than 10 years ago or so, writers who want to publish an article or a story of their authorship went through a long ordeal of procedures: writing it on a white sheet, making it error proof, sending it to the editor of a journal or magazine, then waiting, waiting and waiting for a sign of hope. When the first story/article was published, they felt as if they conquered the world. They read it again and again for they feared that those published words might fade soon. Does that sound familiar?

Over the last one decade, that fear and anxiety prior to and post publication was erased, almost completely by a four lettered word: BLOG.  We come across the word ‘blog’ on a daily basis and we come across blogs on hourly basis. Be it social media or professional websites, blog has become an integral part of expression. “Do you have a blog or Do you Blog” has become one of the top 10 questions we ask a person whom we meet for the first time. The word ‘blog’ over the last few years has become both a noun and a verb related to writing.

The phenomenon called blog presented to us an unprecedented possibility: ANYONE CAN WRITE AND PUBLISH. But that does not necessarily guarantee the success of blog writing. How many of us know the history of blog writing? How many of us are familiar with the niceties of blog writing? How many blog writers are aware that a few tips and tricks will increase the rating and standard of their blog posts?

This week we are digging deep into the history and practice of blog writing along with a few tricks and tips for personal and professional blog writing. Watch out for more.


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