Usability and User Experience of Web Content Writing

Web content writing like any business writing requires skill and adequate subject knowledge. The web content writer should know what to present while writing content. Web content writing is purely a processing of information with the right words and a consistent flow. Above all, the purpose of web content is to provide usability value and a good user experience to its reader.

Confused With Usability and User Experience? Let’s clarify!

Usability is defined as the quality of being able to deliver a good service. On the other hand, user experience relates to how a person feels about the system, in this case the presentation of web content.

For better understanding let’s take the example of the door knob. The usability is good, at a push of the button the door gets locked and turning the knob clockwise the door opens. In other words, the usability is good and simple. But, the user experience of this door knob may not be a good one. Some people have doubts of the functionality of the door knob and would get up and check more than once to be sure that the door is thoroughly locked.

In this case, it can be derived that the user experience was good but the usability was unsatisfying.

Raise Your Writing Bar

The motto of a web content writer should be to deliver quality content. The content writer should always keep in mind the reader’s taste, beliefs and concerns. The web content as mentioned earlier should be a usable content so that once a reader reads or even scans through the content, he/she should be left information satiated.

Use active or action oriented words that are not only appealing to the mind but also describes the content in a positive manner. Avoid spelling mistakes, improper usage of grammar and unwanted punctuations marks. Keep your web content free from long sentences and an overdose of keywords. These can actually instigate your reader to click the close option.

It is rightly said, there is always a scope of writing better every time. As a web content writer always raise the bar, keep in mind what your audience need or want and let them believe what you write is actually the Usability Ultimate.

Complication is not Poise

Most of the web content writers think being unique is the new thing in and end up being complicated. But this is not a right thinking. Being apart is good, but you cannot show your uniqueness by throwing jargons and bombastic words here and there in your content. In doing so the web content writing gets complicated.

When you thrive for a better user experience of web content writing, you need to get into the mind frame of your audience and think like them. Begin with the topic of discussion instead of beating around the bush. The flow of information should be structured to give the reader a smooth maneuver and not a bumpy ride. If you want your reader to be loyal visitors of your website content and not a guest, understand why they are in your web page.

Unconditional User Experience

This is a consumerist world where the consumer/customer is the king or queen. In the world of web content writing, every eye that falls on your web page can be called the content consumer or customer of web content. So, how do you get their attention? The presentation of information in a simple and easy to scan manner is the answer.

Get out there, research on the topic you are going to write and work on a structure. Use meaningful and compelling heading and sub-headings. Do not forget the usage of bullets, numbering and multilevel list. Make the content easily scannable for an unconditional user experience.

End Note

Set a strong stage for your reader’s usability and user experience. Smoothen your writing style; let it be simple and suave at the same time.


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