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6 Incredible Web Content Writing Tips from Twitter

Almost all of us are familiar with the popular world of Twitter and tweets. Twitter is a great place to express your ideas and thoughts in a quick and efficient manner. Twitter can also be a great teacher. It can inspire you and bring out the best in your web content writing. Yes you read it right. You can be inspired by Twitter. After all, in a world obsessed with…

Web Content Writing: How to Create the Emotional Connection

So you have joined the bandwagon of content writers to write wonderful stuff for the web. You have gone through several articles that taught you the tips and tricks of what to write and how to write. You diligently followed advice on keyword stuffing and grammatical mistakes. You sincerely write and proof read your articles. Your language is right and your information is correct. But even after putting all the…

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Web Content Writing Tips: Types of Writer’s Block

Imagine the scenario: You are in an upbeat mood and brimming with ideas. You sit down at your desk with enthusiasm to create a nice piece of web content. But strangely, you cannot give shape to your thoughts or ideas through words. Meanwhile, the tireless clock ticks away at its own pace. Even after spending a couple of hours staring into the blank Microsoft word sheet nothing seems to materialize in a concrete manner. You leave your desk for a breath of fresh air. As you come back some moments later you realize that the same blank feeling has returned riding piggyback on you. You throw up your arms in exasperation. Sounds familiar? This is one of the many forms in which the inconspicuous “writer’s block” raises its ugly head. Read on to know more about the various kinds of writer’s block.

The Nemesis of a Work-From-Home Web Content Writer

Amrita Roy is one of our senior writers and here goes her experience as a work from home writer In a society obsessed with engineers and doctors, the term web content writer does not ring a bell. It raises inquisitive eyebrows from friends and family. On top of that, a home-based web content writer is easily dismissed as a hopeless case of an over educated house wife whiling away time…

Content Writing Tips – The Difference Between ‘That’ And ‘Which’

By Coffeegraphy

Sheila took home the bone china cup that was chipped.

Sheila took home the bone china cup which was chipped.

Other than the fact that Sheila sounds like a possible shoplifter, ever wondered why, when writing an article on Microsoft word, it suddenly underlines in green, a sentence with ‘which’ in it.

Hitting the Bull’s Eye with Persuasive Content Writing

By Coffeegraphy

As a web content writer, what do you think is the point of putting a bunch of words in virtual space? The content is usually aimed at creating a perception of positivity around an object or notion. In other words, the point of creating web content is to sell it, to make it seem attractive to the target audience. While innumerable principles and maps can be drawn out to create content, selling it is one of the most important notion. So how then do you create this positivity or attraction without seeming dictatorial or desperate? Read on to find out how to hone your content into the sharpest persuasive arrow that will hit the target audience every single time.

Challenges of Being a Work-from-Home-Web Content Writer

Teena Antony is one of our senior writers and she shares her experience as a work-from-home writer cum mother.
I enjoy working from home. Yet…There is this graphic art that floats around in Facebook about a woman and what various people think about what she does with her time. I would like to hug the artist. Why? Read on…

6 Tips to Succeed in A Content Writing Career

Writing for a content writing company can be a hectic job. You will be asked to write content for a multitude of topics. You will have to work your way through a lot of writing styles. A content writing company is on the lookout for people who can write easily about any topic they want written. It is important to make the articles optimized to grab maximum attention from the search engines. It is significant that the social media notices your writing. If you are not being able to flash your work in the social media sphere, you might just be considered as an unsuccessful writer. This is a danger zone you want to avoid if you want a happy career in content writing.

Web Content Writing Tips: How to Get the Seductive Hook?

While writing web content, you need to make sure that you keep the readers interested, or else they’ll just hit on the ‘close tab’ option. As simple as that. For every product or service you offer, you have to put it out there and give your best towards it. Web content writing is pretty tricky. Since it is based on facts and not relationships or advice it is difficult to…

Website Content Writing Tips: How to deal with Criticism?

Consider the situation: You have been up all night writing a piece of web content and have been very satisfied with the final output. You post the content online with expectations of appreciation. But after a while you are shocked to discover that you have received heavy criticism for that same web content. You start wondering what flaw the post contained to receive such flaks. As you start reading your…