6 Tips to Succeed in A Content Writing Career

content writing, web content writing, website content writing, content writing tips, SEO content writing, web content writerWriting for a content writing company can be a hectic job. You will be asked to write content for a multitude of topics. You will have to work your way through a lot of writing styles. A content writing company is on the lookout for people who can write easily about any topic they want written. It is important to make the articles optimized to grab maximum attention from the search engines. It is significant that the social media notices your writing. If you are not being able to flash your work in the social media sphere, you might just be considered as an unsuccessful writer. This is a danger zone you want to avoid if you want a happy career in content writing.

The good news is that the quality in content can be easily maintained with some simple and effective tips. The research you puts into your article matters a lot. But more important is the way you present your article to the reading public. If you pay a little attention to the details, you will be able to get all the attention and feedback to your words. Here are some tips to improve the quality of your writing and make your web content effective.

  1. Care for the title

A title is the first thing the reader notices. Why would the reader open the page if the title doesn’t tempt her to read? Even if you spend hours perfecting that article, but took lazy steps to add a lame title to it, there is no point complaining that there is not enough traffic to your article. The primary requirement to a well read article is its catchy title. Try to be straightforward while giving titles. Let the reader know what to expect in the title itself so that she would open it to see what it is all about. If you give a vague title, a busy reader might easily lose interest.

  1. The first paragraph

Once you get the title right, the next step to keep the reader’s interest with you is to add a good opening paragraph which connects with the title perfectly. When the title gets the reader’s attention, it is the opening paragraph which keeps the reader hooked to the piece. You do not have to write a long introduction to the article. A short paragraph will do, provided it is well crafted to hold the reader’s attention. There should be an element of intrigue to keep the reader going to the next paragraph. It should match with the promise you made in the title.

  1. Add subtitles

Another way to keep your reader interested is to list your points as subtitles other than churning out lengthy verbose prose. Let the reader know at one glance that your article has some substance. Make sure you do not clutter your paragraphs with too many ideas. Emphasize on one idea per paragraph. Make the subtitles clear and uniform. Maintain a certain balance so that your article looks neat to the reader.

  1. Avoid clichés

However hard one tries to avoid clichés, they do pop up in almost all articles. It is really hard to write without them. But if you do, voila, you have a perfectly fresh article. It might be tempting to put that oft used phrase down to elaborate on your point. But don’t. Resist all temptations to pile on the clichés. Invent new phrases as you write. If you have looked at online content before and thought that it is boring stuff, well don’t write the same boring stuff yourself. Write stuff which you would love to read yourself. When readers see cliché after cliché in the piece you are writing, you will lose your credibility as a writer.

  1. Adopt an informal style

Online reading is more of an informal space. Unless your client has specifically asked you to write in crisp formal language, follow a very informal tone. That is what will sound as a friendly voice to the online reader. Do not mistake this to writing in extremely casual slang. You should be using simple language, but not college lingo. Take utmost care not to make grammatical errors. Imagine yourself in the position of a friend of the reader and let your words flow. That should do the trick. The reader should feel that you are sitting at the other end of the table and chatting to her over a cup of coffee.

  1. Do thorough research

If you are writing content professionally, the one thing you cannot avoid doing is the research. The more research you do the more perfect your article will be. You should read extensively about the topic at hand while jotting down points for your article. You should also read about content writing and how to improve your skills in online content writing. You should be aware of the current trends and developments in the area of web content so that you will know what will give your client a best deal. Keep practicing your skills, try and sharpen your efficiency at the job. Next time you sit down to write an article for a client, keep these small tips in mind and enjoy the amazing flow of feedback to your article.


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